A bedside table made with travel suitcase

A bedside table made with travel suitcase

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- An old suitcase.
- A plywood board.
- A scrap, scissors and stapler.
- Metro and double-sided tape.
- 4 legs with wheels.
- 4 anchor bases to fit the legs.
- Screws and screwdriver.
- Drill.

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Board lined

Line the plywood board with the fabric scrap. To do this, previously measure the inside of the suitcase and cut the board with these measures. Fix the fabric with the upholstery stapler. Glue two strips of double-sided tape right in the center that remains unlined.

Board fixed

Remove the double-sided tape protector and secure the board inside the suitcase. Press well with your hands until the lined board is completely glued to the bottom. Thus, you already have a flat and stable base to place objects.

Anchor located

Close the suitcase and turn it over to decide where the anchor bases will go. With the pencil, make a mark on the four points where the screws will be placed. Repeat the same operation in each of the four corners of the suitcase.

Screwed anchor

Make the holes marked in each corner with the drill. Screw each anchor base with its corresponding screws and fit the legs into them. Flip the suitcase and place it on the floor. You will see how good your craft has been. Place everything you want inside.

Bedside table

Place it near the bed, open or closed, and will act as a bedside table.


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