8 restaurants you should try this holiday

8 restaurants you should try this holiday

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Gastronomic tourism is gaining more and more followers, and it does not surprise us, because eating is one of the greatest pleasures in the world. Away from the fever of obsessive diets and the goal of gaining an impossible body, the foodies they have learned to enjoy the good life without worries, and if it is with a glass of wine in your hand, much better! So, if you are also part of the command gastrolover And this vacation you want to pay tribute, do not miss even one of the restaurants that we are about to recommend ... Bon appétit!

Advertising - Keep reading below La Vizcaína, Las Caldas

Located on the outskirts of Oviedo, the town of Las Caldas is famous for having the only hot spring spa in Asturias, opened in 1776. But despite being a town with few inhabitants, the gastronomic offer is more than tempting. You just have to take a look at the letter from La Vizcaína, where it will cost you (for sure) to choose a single dish, because even the desserts are a real delicacy, and all homemade!


The Convent, Llanes

The Asturian tierrina hides on the coast of Llanes this treasure of gastronomy that, in addition to having a menu that offers typical dishes of the region such as fabada, or seasonal recipes such as the roll of bonito, no doubt, conquers for its surroundings . And it is that the restaurant is located in the old chapel of the convent, built there by 1660. Come on, you will be eating between walls with centuries of history behind them.


25 Roselles, Barcelona

It is said and commented that the steak tartare It is one of the star dishes of this Barcelona restaurant, although seeing the delights that you can find in their menus, the decision will not be so simple ...


The Passage of the Nobles, Santillana del Mar

Tradition and love for gastronomy, two maxims that this restaurant in Santillana del Mar takes to rajatabla. So if you want to taste some dishes at the level that your grandmother cooked, but with the northern charm, this is the right place.


Colonial House, Ibiza

Casa Colonial is one of those restaurants that go beyond the gastronomic experience, and it is that the charm of the island slips into every corner of this paradisiacal environment with garden included, ideal for a pre-dinner cocktail.


Trattoria Malatesta, Madrid

Are you looking for an authentic Italian with wood-fired pizzas and fresh homemade pasta? Well, in Trattoria Malatesta you have that and much more, because the interior of the restaurant is worth remembering, especially its lower floor with stone walls reminiscent of an intimate and cozy cave.


Sheet 21, Salamanca

Elegance, attention ... and a letter that brings together the best of the land and the sea in an avant-garde kitchen, seasoned by an ideal winery for lovers of good wine.


To Curtidoría, Santiago de Compostela

If your thing with rice is love of the good, we have the ideal restaurant for you. It's called A Curtidoría, and you'll find it in Santiago de Compostela, but besides delighting yourself with its classic black rice with chocos in its ink, don't forget to ask for the terrine of foie Inbound



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