A very chic micro apartment in the iconic Notting Hill

A very chic micro apartment in the iconic Notting Hill

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Rob sanderson

Surely as soon as you saw that it was an apartment in Notting Hill, your mind moved to the area more chic From london. Specifically, to one of those streets of terraced buildings with colorful facades that look like toys, whose doors invite you to take infinite photos for your Instagram account.

We are right? Don't worry, it makes perfect sense in the world, and much of the "guilt" is from the cinema, because who never fantasized about living like a character in the movie? Notting hill? Be that as it may, imagination is more powerful than reality, so be prepared, because We are going to show you an ultra nice micro apartment that will spice up your dreams tonight.

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Designed by the Play Associates Interior Design Studio, the project to reform this house consisted of create a cozy and functional space taking advantage of its few square meters.

LThe carpentry details were carefully constructed to allow maximum storage capacity, while maintaining a sopening sensation granted by the light input.

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To expand the surface of the apartment, the interior terrace space was included, going from twenty square meters to thirty-two.

However, in addition to considering aesthetics and storage, They also focused on improving the quality of life of their owners, based on the virtues of design to increase people's well-being. Thus, natural materials, recycled fabrics and plastics were used, and lots of plants. Further, by adding an air filtration system to the custom carpentry, the atmosphere of the apartment became healthier.

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The beautiful solid oak floor in reclaimed spike, natural paint, and lighting focused on functional use, are some of the ways in which the team has responded meticulously to the new needs of the spaces in which we live.

Rob sanderson Rob sanderson

The new extension of the apartment allowed to have a bedroom with a great proportion, focused on comfort through materiality and planning.

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Committed to the practice of sustainable construction (materials included), the team addressed the implementation of a Low carbon design, resource efficient, healthy and productive, for a space that will continue to benefit its owners over the next few years.