Before and after: a rental apartment in Oviedo

Before and after: a rental apartment in Oviedo

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The owner of this legacy apartment in the center of Oviedo I wanted to turn it into a long term rental housing but, first and foremost, he was looking for a very determined tenant profile, and charging a rent above the average in his area. Something that would not have been possible with the state of the house at that time, since the spaces were dark and the furniture was extremely outdated.

It was then that he decided to put himself in the hands of the team of Home Staging Penthouse, which adjusted the budget as much as possible to achieve an optimal but affordable result. We show it to you!

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The following areas that underwent modifications were the kitchen and the bathroom. Without a doubt, the most sensitive areas when renting.

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In the bathroom the bathtub was removed and replaced by a shower of the same size as the bathtub. Now the room seems much bigger.

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In the end, only 2,800 euros were invested in decoration, and after a week published in Idealista the owner was able to choose the client profile from among several candidates. Now enjoy an income of 40% above those rented on your street that remain unreformed. Chapó!

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