An integrated kitchen in the living room

An integrated kitchen in the living room

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Black and ultra bright, The visual impact of this kitchen is indisputable. It was projected taking advantage of the integral reform of an apartment of 65 m2, commissioned to the interior designer Miluca Armengol. The objective was to achieve a clear distribution, with barely any partitions, and open the kitchen to the living room. The new space sports a floor with white ceramic that enhances, by contrast, even more the kitchen.

Equipped with laminated cabinets, its balanced distribution on two fronts that form an L, conveys a sense of order, and its modern aesthetic makes it a more roomy environment. Between the work area and the living room a high table was placed, which visually separates the environments and makes the circulation fluid, since it was attached to the wall. In this area the lamp stands out factory and textured paper.

Advertising - Read on below An impeccable aesthetic, in black

The kitchen is equipped with black laminated furniture and its white countertop harmonizes with the ceramic floor.
The key in a kitchen open to the living room, like this one: must always be perfectly integrated into the environment. To succeed, first, you have to project a balanced distribution of furniture. Second, choose fronts and a worktop in tune with the interior design. Finally, order and more order; keep the countertop clear and store the kitchen utensils. Kitchen furniture Abstrakt, of Ikea, high gloss laminates, with handles, legs and socket (€ 2,577).

Where are the extractor hood and the vitro?

Where is stew here? Apparently there is no cooking area because they were installed next to the tall furniture and cannot be seen from the living room. And the fridge? It has been paneled in black, like the rest of the cabinets, to make it invisible and integrate it into the decoration.
In addition, the dining room, with a table and high stools, marks the separation between the kitchen and the living room. Also a small step, made during the reform, serves to better delimit the environments. Table Utby, in ash and steel; measures 120 x 60 x 90 cm (€ 139); tap (€ 89) and sink (€ 75.99) are from Ikea.

Respect the circulation

The dining room attached to the wall makes the circulation between the kitchen and the living room more fluid. Next to it, the most voluminous front of the kitchen, formed by the paneled refrigerator, and then the oven and microwave, installed in a column.

The office, with an air factory

A lamp stands out in the dining room king size Industrial style It is a well-defined space with a paper in a mink tone with multiple nuances; Its texture is perfect to give warmth to the environment. Lamp, by Thai Natura. Paper, from The Weaving.

To prepare a good coffee at home ...

Model Grand Master Titanium, of Krups, with Nespresso coffee capsule system. Includes the aeroccino, a stainless steel bowl With ergonomic design and special output for milk foam. It has a water tank of 1.4 l, and adjustable tray for short, long or cappuccino coffee, automatic shutdown and a power of 1,500 W (€ 569.99).

Digital balance, up to 5 kg

Indispensable in any kitchen, the model Profile, Brabantia signature, has a timer, to control the cooking time (€ 35.90).

A tap with two jets

The tap Focus Hansgrohe signature, is swivel, has a removable shower with two jets and anti-air aerator (from € 220).

Stylish lamp

Lamp Kira, of El Corte Inglés, with the golden interior; It is made of blown glass and has a diameter of 30 cm (€ 69.95).