A warm and personal apartment of 103 m²

A warm and personal apartment of 103 m²

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An intense feeling of intimacy permeates every corner of this central Madrid apartment. Not surprisingly, the young couple who inhabits it decorated every meter with an incomparable dedication and care. Eclecticism and functionality blend harmoniously with the sole purpose of creating a personal home. The key to achieving it was choose pieces of different origin and style, but with a history and a very special meaning for its owners. With this background it is not uncommon to observe how in the living area a pink velvet sofa, a wooden table from the 50s or the living together successfully Lounge chair, Chair -which interprets a design by Charles Eames-. A particular way of thinking and living that is reflected in each space of the house, where a common denominator prevails: functionality, aesthetics and a constant search for light. Even so, while in the common areas the space was maximized, the rooms were kept clear. The bedroom, for example, was furnished with only one bed and two bedside tables; The exception to so much sobriety is the headboard, with a striking print.

The second bedroom, without occupying until the family is extended, serves as a dressing room and work area. A perfect solution, given the few storage areas offered by the house. Metal coat racks complete the cupboards in the master bedroom. To subtract coldness, they were combined with a antique chest of drawers patinated in turquoise blue; It is a very special piece that personalizes the atmosphere and contrasts with the lightness of the glass table and the metal chair in the study area. The lack of storage space prompted the owners to sharpen their ingenuity and even take advantage of the walls, where they mixed paintings and mirrors with hangers and brackets for jewelry. In short, a retro and folk air decoration, in which elements of origin and very varied styles that coexist in harmony stand out.

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Access to the house is done through a hall that acts as a distributor. In order to delimit a small entrance area, a console of very little depth was placed and, on it, a painting; A warm and very balanced set, perfect as a presentation of the house. Solid wood console console in natural finish and with two large drawers, from Batavia. Glass vase with an orchid, from The Workshop.


The study of the available meters and the correct distribution of space meant a headache for the owners. They wanted to flee from the crowded and cramped environments; The solution was to reserve the largest area to be and locate the dining room, with light glass, steel and aluminum furniture, next to the door. In the foreground, Palocco stools, by Habitat (€ 160 each). The dining room chairs, according to a design by Charles Eames, can be purchased at La Oca.


A very bright white envelops this atmosphere next to the terrace, and in which you enjoy a pleasant natural light. For the same purpose, the floor was covered with a warm black and white carpet, which reflects the clarity and combines with the sofa upholstered in an intense pink color. Singapore sofa, by KA International, upholstered in pink velvet. Wool rug, by Designers Guild, in Usera Usera. Coffee table in solid wood, from Batavia. Armchair Lounge Chair, by Charles Eames. Pillows and blanket, from Usera Usera. Floor lamp, from Bazar. Picture, by the painter Celine Maestroni.


The space destined for cooking was very scarce; For this reason, the color was absolutely white for everything: furniture, appliances, coatings and paint. In addition, a large pass-through window was opened on a wall, which facilitates communication with the dining room and creates a sense of spaciousness in the kitchen. Stools, with methacrylate seat and stainless steel structure, Palocco model, for sale in Habitat (€ 160 each).


The space available to install a shelf was very small; For this reason, the owners decided to go to a carpenter to order a custom design, with cabinets in the lower area and asymmetrical shelves to the ceiling. In addition, one of the shelves extended over the door, to further increase its capacity.


The location of the kitchen and access to the living room greatly restricted the space available to locate the dining room. In addition, the owners did not want to do without a spacious bookcase or a sideboard, and the only possible place to install them was precisely in this area. The solution was to choose a circular table, very light to look at, and four metal chairs, also very light. Umi table, from Habitat (€ 595). Chairs designed by Charles Eames, in La Oca. Painting by Pemartín.


The bookstore, at an angle, was commissioned in order to make the most of the space without overwhelming it. With this design all the needs were covered, since it has integrated cabinets to store the utensils, and shelves up to the ceiling with capacity for numerous books. The white finish, identical to that of the wall, was the key to make it happen as unnoticed as possible.


The absence of artifice and the functional furniture chosen to compose the master bedroom were basic when it came to achieving a serene and relaxing environment, where the only elements that escape white are the headboard and the green details. Lacquered bedside tables in gray, for sale at Ornellas Decoration (€ 550 each). Reading lamps Tolomeo, by Artemide, for sale at Ideas Luz. On the bed: blanket, from Designers Guild, for sale in Usera Usera and toiletry bag, Busquets.


The undisputed focus in the bedroom is the headboard, which was upholstered with a cheerful floral pattern. This choice gives rise to a strong contrast - consciously chosen - with the relaxing environment, wholly white. Capitoné headboard, by Gastón and Daniela, upholstered with a Jane Churchill fabric.


The attractive classic air that reigned in the bathroom remained as far as possible. Both the tiles and the sanitary ware, all in white, were in relative good condition, so it was decided to do a face lift and introduce some current elements. Towels, shelves, lighting were renovated and classic air towel sets were chosen.

Casual dressing

Given that neither the cabinets nor the storage areas abound in the house, the owners decided to create a dressing room in the smallest room. Metal shelves and boxes act as a closet, and leave free space in front of the window to locate a work area. Polar table, MDM. Metal shelving, by Habitat. Commode, from Flip Supplies. Mirror, from Usera Usera. Wall coat rack for necklaces and hats, for sale in Becara (€ 120). Ceiling lamp model Fado, from Ikea (€ 19.95).


As ambient lighting for the living area the owners wanted to place this floor lamp inspired by the designs of the 50s; She alone decorates a whole space. It can be purchased at Bazaar.


- The kitchen was communicated with the dining room by means of a Pladur plate with a synthetic countertop.
- To better integrate the opening, a molding similar to that of the doors was placed.
- Towards the living room the countertop was blown up, so that it could be used as a breakfast bar.
- Visual continuity between the spaces was achieved by betting on a single color.