A small apartment renovated with recycled materials

A small apartment renovated with recycled materials

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Javier de Paz García

East under 50 m2 in Madrid it went from being a small and dark conventional apartment to a bright and spacious space. With a minimum budget, and using recycled materials, the reform was born from desire of its owner to obtain a new room. For it, the architect Natalia Matesanz Ventura focused on the needs of light, space and economy of means as vertebrating elements of the project that is called UPHouse.

Advertising - Keep reading below Before: nothing to see Javier de Paz García

Before starting the reform, the bass could go perfectly unnoticed as a more studio type house, with the kitchen integrated in the living room.

The magic begins Javier de Paz García

The bass was transformed incorporating a double height space that works as a distributor hall, kitchen, dining room, and a sAlón that communicates with the inner courtyard of housing.

Sustainable bet Javier de Paz García

The materials were minimized, avoiding unnecessary finishes.

The most of the budget was invested in custom furniture, high quality carpentry, and in the design of a fine steel structure, calculated to hold the upper room without its supports interrupting the space.

Industrial spirit Javier de Paz García

Materials, cheap and industrial, raise their category by the way they are arranged and mixed. As the sencillo garage floor, which is combined with brass profiles to avoid cracking, unifying the entire apartment.

Patio views Javier de Paz García

The opening of spaces allows to glimpse the exterior of the house, creating a more relaxed environment.

Soundproof Javier de Paz García

The over one hundred birch irons come from old industrial packing boxes, recovered for arrange the network of panels and slats that hide the sound insulation, so necessary in this type of housing.

Smart lighting Javier de Paz García

The light was maximized in various ways, but if there is something that stands out is the mirror vault, responsible for hiding a storage space, and air conditioning facilities.

Mix of environments Javier de Paz García

The common areas use cooler shadeswith blacks and whites while the private spaces, like the study and the bedroom, they cover themselves with the warmth of birch.

Iron foundations Javier de Paz García

The support frames are arranged parallel to the walls, around the small bathroom, now with natural light.

This creates a metal edge bucket which shows its welds and the natural color of iron.

Free access Javier de Paz García

The sliding doors further optimize the bathroom space.

A touch of grace Javier de Paz García

The Seen brick wall is embellished with a tile front. The same ones that cover the shower, separated from the sink by a concrete wall.

United Javier de Paz García

The walk-in shower Expands the optical space, connecting the bathroom with the rest of the house.

Information: Courtesy of Natalia Matesanz