The before and after of this terrace will leave you plaid

The before and after of this terrace will leave you plaid

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Coblonal Interior Design

The main objective of the reform of this terrace located in a low of the Barcelona neighborhood of Farró, was to eliminate the land that covered a large part of the surface, and incidentally end the discomfort caused by mosquitoes and other insects during the summer. Do not miss the photos ... because you will hallucinate when you see the before!


Advertising - Keep reading under Greenhouse Chic Coblonal Interior Design

The terrace includes a small greenhouse which also serves as a storage room, built in iron and glass, and painted dark green.

Maximum comfort Coblonal Interior Design

Secondly, they painted the lower half of the side wall and the bottom half in a green tone, contrasting with the white of the upper part.

In harmony Coblonal Interior Design

To get down to work, the team divided the project into four phases: First, they placed a new microcement pavement of an earthy color in the area where before there was vegetation.

Between lights Coblonal Interior Design

Finally, on the dividing wall with the adjoining patio, they installed a lattice formed by aged wood panels that hold three perforated corten plates with plant motifs. These let the sunlight through during the day, and backlight when it gets dark, creating a cozy sea environment.

Style and comfort Coblonal Interior Design

The studio was commissioned to create a set of outdoor furniture Made with recycled wood that includes a large three-seater sofa, an armchair and a double sunbed, and a large square coffee table.

Details Coblonal Interior Design

The shadow emitted by the light through the panel creates a beautiful drawing.

The terrace before the reform Coblonal Interior Design

At this point, it sure is hard for you to believe that it is the same terrace that we have shown you, and it does not surprise us, because the change has been radical!