Ideas and tricks to dress your bed

Ideas and tricks to dress your bed

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How to dress a bed well from BLOG DinDon on Vimeo.

Advertising - Keep reading below Use plain textiles

A very good trick is to use a plain color base, it will allow you to put on whatever you want highlighting the drawing or color without getting tired.

Saten sheets

Fitted sheet with a smooth stone motif, available in different sizes to adapt it to your bed. It is made of cotton saten and costs from € 23.99.

Stone color

Pastel colors are very easy to combine and even more if you put the sheets and the same color Duvet cover.

This you have in different colors (stone, mauve, white and raw) and measures from € 49.99.

Glowing Quadrants

Combine your cushions with matching quadrants with the color base of the quilt or duvet cover.

This gold color, goes great with the stone duvet cover as it enhances (€ 36).

Flowers everywhere

Remember that white and raw colors rest your eyes when other colors overlap. The same happens with prints, but it also gives them volume.

East cushion With digital floral pattern printing costs € 19.99.

Important details

The headboards are a very important piece in the bedroom, since it zones and determines which is the sleeping area in a bedroom leaving space around for the rest.

East headboard, it is upholstered in polyester and you can choose from many colors. It is available for a 90 cm bed (€ 155).

Spring comes to your room

Vivid colors, ornamental motifs and a good combination and spring will come to your bedroom.

Is Duvet cover Available for different sizes of home, it has a matching pillowcase (from € 149.99).

Bed cushions

Cushion of canvas with plain motif and zip closure (€ 9.99)

Great contrasts

You can choose to put some white sheets to make it lighter in color, but a bottom in garnet color nothing will be wrong (€ 23.99).

Pastel colours

For the foot of the bed is bouti Dalini brand in blue (from € 59.99).

Geometric motifs

This type of prints and colors so neutral, you can put bright colors such as: purple, pink, yellow, green ... whatever you want.

Is Duvet cover Lattice motif is available in several sizes costs from € 39.99

Romantic touch

Give a more romantic touch to your bedroom with lace textiles. Like this cushion Available in square or rectangular Sheridan brand (€ 83).

White sheets

Bottom, countertop and pillowcases completely white and smooth. East set of sheets It is made of satin cotton and you have different sizes for your bed (from € 159).

Fill your bed with color

At the foot of the bed it is always good to have a plaid or a blanket, perfect for nap time or to rest in a hole.

Try that, if the bed is very dim, break with everything. In this case we have mixed silver and white colors and break with a blanket purple (€ 19.99).

Female beds

These colors are perfect for a feminine bedroom, but with such a striking color try to counteract a bit with sheets, cushions, headboards or white furniture.

Is Duvet cover with brush stroke motif it is available for a 90 cm bed and costs € 29.99.


An elegant touch for a feminine room, with this shoe cover with 100% satin cotton lace (from € 120).

Basic smooth

Bedspread With plain motif available in various colors and sizes (from € 17.50).

Raw quadrant

Cushion Ottoman with plain motif to place it as a quadrant in the bed (€ 7.99).