The storage system that will change your kitchen forever

The storage system that will change your kitchen forever

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Blessed kitchen cabinets, always ready to accommodate among its doors countless containers, pans, dishes ... and ultimately, everything that is put ahead. But, What happens when space is insufficient? That we resort to options that normally involve a nuisance, how to use the countertop as a warehouse, or use cabinets outside the kitchen.

But if that's your problem, today is the day you'll see the light again, because We have found the storage system that will forever change the concept of order in your kitchen.

Is about a closet that literally triples the space. Divided in four blocks, two of them coupled to the doors, and two other mobiles, the American brand system Rev-A-Shelf, serves both small and large cabinets, as it is available in two sizes. Do you want to see it?

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If you have felt the crush Divine just read the description, Below we leave you a direct link to Amazon so you can buy the closet from the tranquility of the sofa.

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Functional mobility Amazon

Thanks to the mobile shelves, you can take advantage of every corner of the closet.

Full of life Amazon

This way you can reserve the larger holes to store pans and dishes, and the small shelves for condiments and containers.

Maximum comfort Amazon

Do not hesitate, you will not find a better system to end the mess in your kitchen!

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An example of the version for mini cabinets. Not a cucada?


This video explains graphically how the system works, and that is what you need to convince yourself (if you have not done so yet).