Radical change: a custom designed floor

Radical change: a custom designed floor

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Very sportsman, cycling addict and design lover. This is the profile of the boy who went to the CaSA studio to reform an apartment located in Sant Antoni, Barcelona, ​​which he had just bought. Despite being a dark house, very compartmentalized and with structural problems, the potential was immense and the architects knew how to squeeze it to the fullest with a complete reform and a custom interior design.

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The CaSA study signs this reform that turned a dark, compartmentalized and outdated apartment into a bright, open and current home.

On wheels

The owner is a great fan of cycling and it was a requirement to find a place to store his bikes. The architects designed a custom support with metal pipes and protected the wall with gray tiles.

Wink to the past

The old doors were rescued and restored.

First impression

Upon entering we receive the dining room, which shares space with the living room and kitchen.

Well surrounded

In the dining room, table Pedrali based on the artist Zaida Sabatés. The chairs are the Wishbone from Carl Hansen.

Stockholm syndrome

The console is from the previous series Stockholm from Ikea.

To share is to live

Kitchen, living room and dining room share the same space after demolishing several partitions.

The island of the treasure

The island delimits the kitchen area. In it, sink of Ikea with tap Waterevolution. The lamp is from Onok Lighting.

Black on black

The kitchen is designed by TPC.

To be continue…

Gray tiles have been used on the same front of the house, but in different sizes. At the entrance of 60x60, in the kitchen of 30x30 and in the bathroom of 10x10.

Hidden talent

In the kitchen, the extractor hood has been hidden in the ceiling. On the countertop, vase vintage from Rosenthal.

Sprout from the earth

On a shelf covered with tiles, bowls of Habitat.

Bar Loves

Stools are the model Wire from Pastoe.


A very discreet color palette has been maintained and character with the textures has been contributed.

Comfort zone

Sofa Stua, planter intervened by Zaida Sabatés and, in the foreground, black marble table Tripodex from (+) project.

Board game

The coffee tables are the models Mesh, Riva Y Objects from Kettal.

Nest seat

Seat Basket from Kettal.

Let there be light

Before the terrace was a bathroom and laundry area, so much less light entered.


The old terrace that had been closed to place a bathroom and a washing area was recovered. In the place that used to be the washing machine, a work side has been created. On the right, the bathroom window.

Natural light

With a structure of metal tubes the architects have suspended a mirror on the window, achieving natural lighting. The sink is from Unisan and the faucet of Waterevolution.

Transparence law

The bathroom was located in the place that used to occupy the kitchen. A glass screen separates the shower area from the rest.

Color note

The sheets Chipmunk Y Raven Pau Sanz and Vila give a brushstroke of color.

Everything flows

The old floor was replaced by an oak floor that gives cohesion to the spaces.

At his feet

At the foot of the bed, the chair JED from Habitat.

Small exposure

On a marble and metal table of Tiptoe, vase of Ettore Sottsass, in BD Barcelona; work of Sandro Bedini, tray THERE IS and lamp Mila basket for Santa & Cole.

Deserved rest

Bed of Habitatbedside table Positive universeo and hanging lamp Vibia.


You can see how compartmentalized the space was before.

The lounge before The lounge before

The first thing they did was to undress the space and eliminate the walls that oppressed it and that prevented the light from reaching its interior. The structure had to be reinforced with metal beams that were hidden thanks to a textured wall strip that runs through the upper part of the main space and at the same time serves to unify and blur LED lights. The distribution was also altered: the old terrace that had been closed to create a bathroom and a washing area was recovered and the bathroom took the place of the kitchen. Visual continuity between rooms was achieved by changing the floor to an oak wood and using the same gray tile in different sizes at the entrance, kitchen and bathroom.

The lounge before The lounge before View of the terrace from the living room before The terrace before

Occupied by a bathroom.


Adapting to the needs of the client and the available space was made possible by several custom designed pieces with black metal tubes. At the entrance, a structure serves to park the bicycles, on the terrace some bars are the perfect support for the plants to climb and in the bathroom they hold the mirror located in front of a new window that serves as a natural light lamp. The decoration has been kept within a very strict color palette of whites, blacks and grays. It is the textures that have been used more profusely to give character and depth to the whole. Some pieces of Kettal and a planter intervened by artist Zaida Sabatés with their terrazzo trapntojo paintings finish finishing off.
Styling and art direction: CaSAPhotos: Roberto Ruiz