Before and after: the reform of an apartment with sea views

Before and after: the reform of an apartment with sea views

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Looking out the window of the house and finding the sea is a dream that many have. For this reason, when our reader Aurora bought this 74 square meters floor Located in the Riviera del Sol Urbanization in Mijas Costa, the first decision he made was to tear down the walls that prevented him from seeing the Mediterranean. The flat was built in the 70s and belonged to a foreign marriage of older people who spent their holidays here. When Aurora was done with him he had to mediate first legally with a squatting and then, reform through, with an interior that was claustrophobic and very outdated facilities.

After the comprehensive reform, now the flat consists of a large open space They share the kitchen, living room and dining room and has a large corner window overlooking the sea. The rest of the house, which is rented as a holiday residence, is divided between the entrance, a bedroom and a bathroom. In the style industrial elements are mixed with furniture vintage, friendly design of Nordic lines and Mediterranean colors and finishes. Aurora has chosen pieces of Ikea and small local stores and markets that she has combined with findings she has made on Amazon and DIY projects.

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Our reader Aurora invites us to know the apartment she renovated to make it a holiday home.

Expand horizons

The house had a terrace, which Aurora decided to incorporate into the house in order to have direct views of the sea.

Scope of view

View of the kitchen open to the living room.

Perfect stop

The 73 square meter apartment is fully equipped and is rented for holidays.

The beautiful island

The island serves to delimit the kitchen area keeping the concept open.

Bar Breakfasts

The island serves as a storage space and bar for breakfast and informal meals.

Between stoves

In addition, it also serves to locate the cooking zone.

Light metals

On the island, metallic lamps with geometric shapes.

More wood

The wood gives warmth to the whole.

To share is to live Courtesy of Aurora

The reform brought together several rooms to create a common space with the kitchen, living room and dining room.

Light in abundance

In this way it was possible to give more light to the whole house.

Well delimited

The distribution of furniture and carpets allow to delimit each room within the same space.

Black and white

Detail of the photograph on the sofa.

The Mediterranean

There was more prominence in view of the sea by including the terrace in the lounge.

Eat looking at the sea

Dining room view.

All to the white

The most predominant color is white that becomes warmer when combined with wood.


In the decoration Ikea pieces have been mixed with others from street markets, local stores and DIY.

Rest Bath

With hydraulic inspired tiles.

Looking at the sea

The views you have from the window.

Mediterranean views The lounge before During the reform The kitchen during the reform The floor before