The cozy apartment of a thirty-year-old in São Paulo

The cozy apartment of a thirty-year-old in São Paulo

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Nathalie Artaxo

They say that Thirty is a precious age, since a period of stability begins, both emotional and labor. And although life is not simple, and there are always potholes along the way, it is clear that the knowledge we acquire in the twenties pays off at thirty. Another benefit of getting older is that we begin to be clear about what we want and, above all, what we don't. Something that can be applied perfectly to the home.

Therefore, when the team of Rua 141 and Rafael Zalc shaped the project of this apartment of a young woman in her thirties in São Paulo, They tried to create a cozy space, featuring handmade pieces and a style between rustic and chic, seasoned by pastel tones. All this with the advantage of having a space of 70 m2.

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How its owner loves have guests at home, it was decided to integrate the kitchen and the terrace with the living room, relying on the colors and textures of each material used in the environments. They also removed the frame that separated the rooms, leveling the exterior floor with the interior area, as a way of giving continuity and enlarging the space.

Another change made in the kitchen and laundry was as follows: "As these areas were very small, we set out to integrate them with the living room to enhance the entry of natural light and ventilation. This connection between spaces was carried out through of the concrete bench in the hall, "explains Mona Singal, architect and part of the Rua 141 team.

Nathalie Artaxo

"The blue color of the kitchen floor creates an atmosphere of freshness in line with the cabinets, designed in the same tones," he says.

The design of this carpentry was widely used in the 1950s, but in this project it gains a new reading thanks to the vibrant blue tone and the composition with hydraulic tile of contemporary design.

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Project: Rua 141 + Rafael Zalc