14 ideas you have to see if you are a fan of the XXL point

14 ideas you have to see if you are a fan of the XXL point

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It all started with this very easy knitted blanket, super warm and large, and now the crafters Around the world they are transforming the striking trend into a wide variety of accessories, home decor pieces and fun DIY. Select a project, get some merino wool in your favorite color and start knitting!

This beautiful project of Simply Maggie will only steal you 15 minutes!

Advertising - Keep reading below A XXL cushion for chairs

Feel comfortable with this knitted cushion.
Tutorial in Lebenslustinger.

A pouf chaiseel ongue

Lie down and sit on this huge pouf, which you can place anywhere in the house.

Pattern in Flax & Twine.

A knitted pouf

You can use this unique piece as a footrest, auxiliary seats or support tables, it is a versatile home accessory.
Pattern in Love Knitting.

XXL knitting pots

Your houseplants will be even prettier in these baskets.
Flax and Twine pattern.

XXL knit blanket

You can make this blanket in just 4 hours, so what are you waiting for?
Tutorial >>

Knit tapestries

A piece like this with XXL point is the perfect way to add some texture to your walls.
See how this version was made in the Urban Outfitters blog.

A knitted bed for your pet

Cats and small dogs will love snuggling in one of these cozy little beds.

Ohhio materials and the Be Cozi tutorial on YouTube were used.

Knitted hat

You will want to wear this beanie all year.
Tutorial in Lebenslustinger.

a knit heart

Become one of these beauties for your sofa, or to combine with a pillow or blanket.
Tutorial in Flax and Twine.

Knitted bunnies

These cute DIY bunnies are the sweetest gifts for your little ones.
Learn how to make one in Sweet Paul magazine.

Knitted bag

his outfit Favorite will be even more elegant with one of these soft and chic bags.
Pattern in Manuosh.

XXL knitted sweater

There is only something better than a warm sweater and it is a warm XXL sweater.
Be Cozi tutorial on YouTube.

Thick knit bag

You don't need needles to make this original bag, you can easily do it with your arms.
Pattern in Raverly.

Via: Country Living US