13 ideas to paint the house

13 ideas to paint the house

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Advertising - Continue reading below 1 Kitchen with green office

You can combine the same color with different intensities, as in this kitchen. The chairs have been painted in a forest green shade with a Kilate AcriTec water enamel, from Procolor, and the wall in a softer aquamarine green.

2 Larger kitchen with light tones

If your kitchen is very elongated and you want to balance it, paint the bottom and one of the walls in a slightly darker tone than the rest. In this case, the Ripolin S 1060-Y10R tone has been used.

3 Raspberry Pink Living Room

The raspberry pink triumphs. Look at how it looks in this living area. The wall of the sofa has been highlighted with the tone BO.39.40, by Bruguer, and has been decorated with several dishes and circular drawings. Beautiful!

4 Bedroom with gradient effect

It is the trend of the season. Make your wall a headboard combining several pastel shades that are degraded. Here it goes from pink C7.26.67 to yellow H2.15.85, both from Bruguer.

5 Fun children's bedroom

When you paint the children's room, you should choose non-odorless enamels that have a quick drying, such as Bruguer Acrylic Enamel. Here the Red 1726 tone has been used to make a base and highlight the silhouettes of the furniture.

6 Salon in fluorine tones

Give your room a more dynamic air with a combination of bright colors. In this case, it is a mint green and an intense light blue, both from Valentine.

7 Youth bedroom in green and yellow

Citrus tones are ideal for youth bedrooms, because they brighten the mood. Here Vital Yellow and Pure Green have been combined, both from Jotun.

8 Blues for the bedroom

The blue range is ideal for bedrooms, as it is very relaxing. In this case, the wall of the headboard has been highlighted with a Faint Blue and that of the window with a Pure Blue, both of Jotun.

9 Warmer lounge

Do you want to make your living room warmer and cozy? Roasted tones are the key. Aim this combination of Jotun: Faint Brown for the sofa wall and Pure Brown for contrast.

10 Kitchen in orange and vanilla

Pure Orange has been used to give prominence to the main wall of the kitchen, while the office area has been painted with a Tender Ocher. Both from Jotun.

11 A corridor full of vitality

Nothing better to give light to dark areas, such as hallways, than vital colors. The most suitable are those of the range of oranges. In this case, a pumpkin tone has been combined with a powerful salmon, both from Titan, coordinated with the furniture.

12 Kitchen with color contrast

If you dare, and the size of your kitchen allows it, sign up to paint each wall a color, as in this case. The entrance has been painted in light blue, the main wall in orange, and the one in front, in orange and brown. Xylazel's Healthy Air for allergy and asthmatic paint has been used.

13 Hall with force

Bet on a mustard shade to enhance the room and contrast it with the blank ceiling. This one has been painted with Xylazel's Healthy Air for Allergy and Asthmatics paint.


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