Blanch yourself in this boat house

Blanch yourself in this boat house

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Would you live in a houseboat? If it's like this, we wouldn't doubt it. Built in 1989, the 56 square meter structure is docked at Friday Harbor, Washington, on the island of San Juan, and has a solarium and library, and could be yours for $ 550,000.

Imagine having coffee on the deck below or on the top, overlooking the papidic water in front of you. "This is one of the houseboats available in the San Juan Islands," says Sybil Mager of Windermere San Juan Greg King & Company. "Offer life on the water, the ocean is your garden."

As indicated in the ad, there is room for kayaks, paddleboards, and bicycles on board. The interior is even more striking, with wooden floors and skylights.

The lounge / solarium is surrounded by windows and has a pellet stove. It even has a washer and dryer in the kitchen, surprisingly spacious. The bathroom is a bit narrow but you can raise the blinds to gain light and spaciousness.

On the second floor, the library and the loft-style bedroom are spacious and bright thanks to the windows that surround the space. Consider us on board!

Photos: Wes Edholm Photography

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