The Lodge Ronda: a rustic luxury hotel

The Lodge Ronda: a rustic luxury hotel

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The Lodge Round is the expression of an exciting story: that of its owners, Christina and Pom Piek. Although both came from different countries - she is German and Pom was born in Amsterdam - they met in Seville. Christina was then a flight attendant and Pom had a garden furniture import business in Indonesia. After having her two children, Gina and Pablo, Christina decided to change her life to spend more time with the children. He replaced the flights with his great passion, the reform and decoration of houses. Precisely the rehabilitation of an old mill led them to Ronda. The beauty of their sunsets was a sufficient argument for the family to decide to settle in the town and change their lives.

The Lodge Round it was a personal project of Christina. Her goal was to build a rural house where she enjoyed the luxury services she met in the best resorts in the world during her experience as a flight attendant. Four chefs are responsible for preparing exclusive recipes for guests, with an innovative menu for vegetarians. Each dish is made with fish from the Andalusian coast, meat from organic suppliers and fruit and vegetables grown in the hotel's own garden.

The well-being of the clients is another basic aspect in the philosophy of the hotel. The Lodge Round has a pool with ionizers They reduce the use of chlorine so as not to damage the health of the skin. In the newly opened spa, relaxing massages and body treatments are taught. In addition, the hotel offers the possibility of practice fitness and yoga with private trainer in the sports hall. Spacious spaces, linen sheets that caress the skin, the crackling of the fireplace in the bedroom ... Every detail is supervised and becomes important in a rural house with a vocation of private residence in which luxury materializes as a dream, finally, possible.

- The excursions from The Lodge make up a rich range of offers, both cultural and sports.
- From the inescapable walk through the city of Ronda to the excursion to Seville, Jerez or Malaga, all 90 minutes away. Visits to the wineries in the area are also organized.
- From the house, you can also take long walks, ride a horse, fly in a hang glider or a balloon, cycle routes or, of course, lie down to sunbathe by the pool or read a good book in the shade of an oak.
- For the more adventurous, they organize a wide variety of activities such as descent through natural canyons, hiking, 4x4 routes, climbing, paintball, caving or quad biking.
- The hotel has a pool and spa; the animals in freedom - horses, chickens ... - will surprise the little ones. In addition, from the rural house all kinds of activities are organized: visits to wineries in Ronda, balloon flight and hang gliding, canyoning, 4x4 routes, climbing, etc.

Address: Party of the Frontones, s / n. 29400 Ronda (Málaga).
How to get: From Ronda, take the ring road towards Campillos. Continue on the turnoff towards Arriate and Setenil de las Borges. Two kilometers after crossing the town of Arriate you will see that a lane starts to the left. Follow it until the asphalt ends. On the right begins The Lodge Round estate.
Tel .: 952 114 355.
Rooms: 7, of which three with double beds and four with two separate beds. It is possible to book the entire hotel.
Prices: The price of the whole house is € 1,140 per day, and can accommodate 14 people; The individual price is € 81.42 per person per day (without VAT). Apart from the stay, you can choose between three pension options: country (€ 35 / person), luxury (€ 49.50 / person) and perfect (€ 68 / person). Consult special offers for long stays or if the reservation is made well in advance. To do this, contact The Lodge Ronda.

Advertising - Keep reading below From the pool you can see the U-shaped distribution of The Lodge Round.

The building is structured around a central space, open to the outside, where the patio is located. The predominance of natural materials - stone, wood and glass - in construction goes beyond aesthetic criteria. Christina, the owner, was inspired by the principles of feng shui and avoided excess iron and concrete to facilitate the flow of positive energy in the hotel.

The rooms located on the first floor have a terrace.

From them you have a magnificent view of the Cerro de las Salinas that, for years, supplied salt to the entire region. The table and chair, like most hotel furniture, are from the Indonesian firm Goodwood Interiors.

The cozy atmosphere that is breathed in the lounge

It is due, in part, to the unique pieces that decorate it. Like the African shield over the chimney. Pom Piek, the owner, brought him from Africa after living a year with the inhabitants of a Masai village.

The spectacular ceiling height characterizes the entire hotel.

In the space shared by the living room and dining room, the chestnut wood interview was painted in a soft pink tone to achieve an intimate atmosphere. The suspended lamps are handmade, from Indonesia.

You can also have breakfast in the patio, under the thick shade that the mulberry trees cast.

The floor, paved with river stone, keeps the area at a constant and fresh temperature.

The kitchen is integrated into the living room at the express wish of the owners.

His idea is that the guest attend and enjoy the show that involves the preparation of exquisite meals and dinners.

A team of four chefs,

They come from restaurants awarded Michelin stars, are responsible for the restoration. Among them Pablo Piek, under these lines, son of the owners.

Three rooms have a fireplace.

In the upper one, the wall in which the fire is embedded is painted in red to enhance the feeling of warmth in such a wide space. Christina and Pom Piek bought the painting on the fireplace in an art gallery, on a trip to Tangier.

The presence of two single and separated beds in three of the rooms was a proposal of Christina, the owner.

His idea was to make the stay more enjoyable for two people staying in the same bedroom without being a couple. Mosquito nets, present in all hotel beds, create an intimate and magical atmosphere.

Some rooms have a separate bath and shower.

In the case of the superior, natural light transforms the toilet into a sensory and relaxing experience.

In the bathrooms we find charming details.

As the floor of hydraulic tiles acquired on a trip to Tangier or the wall lamp bought in a Dutch antique dealer.


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