The time has come to renew ... the bathroom!

The time has come to renew ... the bathroom!

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Many times, when we think about renovating our house, we tend to focus on areas such as the kitchen or the bedroom, but the bathroom is a key place that should have a functional and cozy design. And no one likes to wash in a dark space, full of spots of moisture or poorly distributed. For this reason, we are going to tell you a few tricks that will help you think about how to reinvent your bathroom with style.

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In the bathroom? Of course! In addition to being a trend it will give a very air chic and exclusive. Dare with a tropical print taking advantage of the arrival of good weather ...

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Painting on the walls

You can also choose to paint the wall a beautiful color. In addition, there are plenty of moisture resistant options.

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Vinyl flooring

If you want a durable, warm and economical floor, choose a vinyl floor with wood finish. In addition to being very natural, if the thickness is thick enough and protected, you will not have moisture problems!

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Tiles are a classic that does not go out of style, but are reinvented using colors such as pastel pink. If you are looking for a sweet and feminine bathroom, do not hesitate!

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Geometry is in vogue, and no, we are not referring to mathematics, but to tiles with this type of mosaic. In addition to being very original, they will give a very fresh touch to the bathroom.

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Back to the tub

Although in recent years the tendency was to change bathtubs for showers (especially to save space), lately they are becoming fashionable again, and there is nothing like a relaxing foam bath with a glass of wine ...

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A functional sink

So that washing your hands and face is a more comfortable task, opt for a sink that suits your bathroom space. If you choose it without a pedestal and place it on a countertop, you will have an ideal place to place your things.

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Invest in accessories

Beautiful accessories will make the difference between a dull and boring bathroom, and one chic and stylish Choose materials such as copper to add an extra point of glamor!

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Polished concrete

If you like the industrial style, try the polished cement on the ceiling and walls. In addition to being timeless, it combines beautifully with a lot of materials.

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Wood panels

In addition to providing warmth, if you choose vinyl as the floor, it will be very easy to care for, and you will give it a rustic style chic wonderful!

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