Before and after: from outdated floor to elegant home

Before and after: from outdated floor to elegant home

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When Jara Serra, expert in home staging and reader of our magazine, first entered this house in Barcelona, ​​she found an interior immersed in darkness, without a defined style and with furniture that, far from boosting her spaces and to make them functional, they oppressed them and they made us feel claustrophobic. But she saw the potential of its 80 square meters (spread over three rooms, a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen and a laundry area) and the light coming through its windows, all facing outwards.

The objectives of the change were clear: to achieve more spaciousness, more luminosity, more elegance and more functionality. Jara used white to clarify the interior and gave more prominence to the living room terrace, removing the barriers between the interior and the exterior, to visually gain more space visually. To make it more cozy and elegant, he installed a fireplace, golden touches and romantic frames and lamps. The before and after the change (which you can see in full in the image gallery on these lines) shows that it fulfilled all its purposes.

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Although now you see it spacious and stylish, this apartment in Barcelona was not always like that. In this gallery we show you its radical change.

The lounge before

Seeing these images, there are plenty of words ...

The lounge before

Darkness and outdated furniture reigned.

The lounge after

After going through Jara's hands, this was the result.

The power of the white

The expert in home staging opted for a total white look to give it light.

Well thought out

The new furniture distribution and its size optimize and expand the space.


The variety of textures does not make the lack of color monotonous.

Make home

Jara installed a fireplace to give warmth in the meantime white.


The pieces have been carefully chosen to bring elegance to the space.


Several points of light have been installed in the room.

Front view

How to expand the space of a small room? Empowering outer space so that the look goes there.

Have breakfast outside

The terrace, with a small dining room for breakfast.

Splendor in the grass

The floor of the 7-square-meter terrace has been covered with artificial grass.

Next to the wall

A circular table on the wall serves as a daily dining room.

The entrance before

It wasn't a good first impression ...

The entrance after

The bank brings elegance and a place to take off your shoes. The mirror expands the space visually.

The kitchen before

Any past tense does not always seem better.

The kitchen after

Seeing is believing.

Touch wood

Detail of the wooden countertop and the sink.

The most important food

In the kitchen, a breakfast bar of the most appetizing.

The wash zone before

Depress by just looking at her.

The wash zone before

He was shouting for a change.

The new inner courtyard

The new floor and wooden blinds have managed to make it more cozy and modern.

The new inner courtyard The hall before

That furniture has lived times (much) better.

The hallway after

White and wood, a winning combination.

The bedroom before

The colors of the walls were a bad choice ...

The bedroom after

Here you do sleep well.

Without noises

The upholstered headboard acoustically insulates the adjoining room and provides warmth.

Own work

The decorative fireplace front and the abstract pictures of the house have been created by Jara herself.

The children's bedroom before

With dark colors and quite sad.

The children's bedroom after

Let there be light.


With a total white look and patterned floor.

Two better than one

The house has only one bathroom, so installing two sinks was a good decision.

Crystal clear

The glass basins bring lightness to the space. The closet is designed by JAra Serra.

Next stop…

A white subway tile was chosen for the bathroom.

Nothing to hide

The shower screen is made of transparent glass, so as not to dwarf the space.

To stay blank

The white gave him light and expanded the space.

Touch of style

Ladder-towel rack with heart-shaped mirror.