"I spent a week ordering my house with Marie Kondo's method"

"I spent a week ordering my house with Marie Kondo's method"

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I have always considered myself an obsessed order, sometimes even touching the limits of obsessive compulsive disorder. Because if you are a collector of geeky figurines like me, or any other object that you are passionate about, you will already know the irrational rage you feel when someone comes home and dares to move your precious collection ... a few centimeters! Tremendous boldness of his ... 😤

Outside jokes, for me, as for many people, ordering implies a physical and spiritual process, it is a way to help me balance the mind and, in passing, renew the energy of the home. Maybe that's why I was so attracted to the KonMari method, since one of their daily rituals is to open the windows and burn a stick of incense to purify the environment, just like me!

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So after reading several interviews, and swallowing all the chapters of his program on Netflix, I set out to follow the guru's steps for a week, and these are my conclusions.


First. The most feared part of my house has always been the closet, and not because it is untidy, but because I have gone from storing huge amounts of clothes, from my tireless search for aesthetic identity (which is time to know, because the 30 are about to arrive).


Therefore, the first step was to remove all my clothes and place them on the bed by categories. I would be lying if I said I didn't have to take a chair and allow myself some time for meditation before the purge ... But yes, it was time to assume that crop tops they had to stay in their twenties, and that those shabby rock band t-shirts were occupying a beautiful place that I could use to store other garments that, in short, I would wear.

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I started with the shirts, continued with the dresses, continued with the skirts and finished with the pants. The final feeling? An amazing calm, and the certainty that I was beginning a new stage in my life, more adult, more mature, and of course, very necessary.


Second. When it was time to fold the clothes, I felt like I was preparing a carry-on suitcase to travel with Ryanair. Yes, the amount of clothes you can store in this way is brutal, but honestly, after cleaning, I no longer needed it. Having stayed alone with the essentials, and getting rid of all the clothes I would never wear, the space I had was ideal. Also, if we consider that I live alone (my chihuahua in this case does not count), more in my favor.

That's why I think this method is great for couples and families. When labeling clothes and sorting them by categories, it is virtually impossible for chaos to arise and, therefore, home life is much more harmonious.

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However, I loved the way he kept his underwear, since I've always been a disaster in that section: the ordered bras cup with cup one after the other, and the curled panties like Vietnamese roll. Simply fabulous!


Third. If there is something I really appreciated when I started following the KonMari method, these are the questions that the guru suggests before we throw away anything. For example, referring to bath products: have you used it in the last three months? Does it fit your values ​​and requirements? Does it give you any clear or tangible benefit? Do you feel happier or safer after using it? Makeup or grooming routine gives you too much work? What are the steps or products that you could do without?

And, let's face it, there's always a lot of things in the bathroom that we never use but that we keep keeping under the dreaded premise of "just in case", without realizing that all products have an expiration date, and that The bathroom space is not usually the largest in the house. So, as a result of putting his teachings into practice, I gave a folder to several boats that would end up raising mallows, and I got a visually cleaner bathroom.

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In short. It may be that living ordering as Marie Kondo requires too much effort or, at least, awareness, but I cannot deny that several of her methods, and above all, her philosophy, made my routine better. Arigato, Marie!