A flirtatious "burrow" in the Madrid neighborhood of La Latina

A flirtatious "burrow" in the Madrid neighborhood of La Latina

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Nacho Gias

Anyone visiting Madrid will be enchanted by the vitality and joy of a neighborhood as historic as that of La Latina. Walking through its streets is to contemplate a world apart, where to stop to drink a cane and a skewer is part of a kind of ritual.

And in this emblematic area of ​​the city, a flirty studio of 40 m2 which, as described by its owner, "is cozy as a burrow on top of a tree." But Before becoming the ideal home for a young couple in the trendy neighborhood, housing was a dull and boring place that needed urgent reform.

This was the study before the reform. Nacho Gias Nacho Gias Nacho Gias

In the hands of architect Nacho Gias, The project focused on working on small details, visual connections between spaces, lighting… All this marked by the warmth of some large wooden beams views, absolute protagonists of the study.

In the pavements of the common areas, the original wooden floor was recomposed, Y in the bathroom a hydraulic floor was chosen, which provides a decorative and colorful motif that contrasts with the dominant white in the house.

The new distribution integrated the kitchen in the center of the house, as an area that dialogues with the rest of the rooms. Further, exterior views were promoted through the use of mirrors, visually expanding the interior space.

Within the diaphanous sequence proposed for housing, small spaces and corners were left for privacy, which can work in the same way connected to the rest of the house, or isolated from it.

Through the touches of color and the exposed wooden beams, this minimalist space is provided with warmth. Nacho Gias Tailored cabinets have integrated LED lighting. Nacho Gias By removing the hallways, the studio seems even bigger, brighter, warm and functional. Nacho Gias Nacho Gias Nacho Gias Nacho Gias Nacho Gias Nacho Gias