More than 30 dream dressing rooms

More than 30 dream dressing rooms

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Large and small, in sight and with closets, full of shoes and full of bags, this selection of dressing rooms has no other purpose than enjoyment. To fulfill, at least with our eyes, those fantasies that we have all had at some time; Get up in the morning light and walk barefoot into a dream dressing room that receives us full of colored coats and heel boots.

Advertising - Keep reading below With dressing table

In the same space there is a dressing room and dressing table forming a fantastic duo.

Pinterest: Copy Cat Chic

The Paradise

Who wouldn't want to have these views in the morning?

Pinterest: Mercedes Villanueva

Very natural

A long corridor that leads to a door that overlooks a beautiful forest. Both the cabinets with glass doors and the spectacular views answer any questions about this space.

Pinterest: Liliana P.H


If you like white then this is your dressing room. Without great artifice, simple but fulfills its function with a lot of style.

Pinterest: Shannon

For me and my classmates

A dressing room in the attic is equal to the perfect hiding place.

Pinterest: Susana Larratxo Donosti

All and all

We do not know if we like the dressing room, the lamp or the balcony with views. If we have to make a decision we choose ... have it all!

Pinterest: María Nadal / papers

Nordic style

A simple design of simple lines and cold colors. A combination of black and white that falls in love.

Pinterest: Expensive belly

Fairy blue

An elegant and very feminine dressing that could well be that of an authentic princess.

Pinterest: Maria-Krujoski


It is not one of the biggest but one of the ones we liked the most. We can imagine opening each drawer and enjoying the pristine white.

Pinterest: Jules Font


You don't need large glass cabinets or lamps. This simple dressing room, without extravagance and with everything in sight, captivates you.

Pinterest: Habitissimo

With island

This dressing room has considerable dimensions, white as the protagonist plays with darker tones and together they create the perfect contrast.
(PD: we want that bag)

Pinterest: Anna Esteve

Pure luxury

We couldn't find a dressing room that best described the word fashionist.

Pinterest: Michael Habachy

Live shoes

The shoes, like chocolates, seek their place in this dressing room that has caught our attention thanks to the impressive ceilings and the original lamp. It looks like a clothing store!

Pinterest: ℓαυяι ¢ нυυт

Parisian air

With balcony included and an extraordinary natural light, we could well imagine that this dressing room is located in Paris itself. Oh là là!

Pinterest: June Lemon


We like the different and this dressing meets that characteristic. Leave white and opt for wood in all its naturalness.

Pinterest: Kellie French

Dear Carrie

And we could not finish with another photo that was not the one of the dressing room of the very Carrie Bradshaw of Sex in New York.

Pinterest: Mercedes Lizama


And if we have said before that we like the different, how can this dressing room not seem spectacular?

Pinterest: Benito Rojas Cao Romero


It seems long and endless and that's why we like it so much, maybe between skirts, coats and blouses you get lost so you don't come back.

Pinterest: Josefa Bohemia

Not to want it

A perfect distribution that adds to lovely pieces like the carpet, the chair or the pouf.

Pinterest: Rocío Jiménez / Casa Haus

Full of colour Hearst

This dressing room completely matches the style of its owner: fresh and cheerful. We love the wallpaper and the natural light that fills the space.

Pinterest: Habitissimo

A dream

It doesn't even seem real, such perfection makes us want to have exactly the same.

Pinterest: Julie Zuick

Of design

This designer dressing room can not give more envy.

Pinterest: Brittany Steinman


It may be one of the ones we like, vintage and unique.

Pinterest: MooiMaak

Ode to wallpaper

Narrow but picturesque and all thanks to the original wallpaper. Love it!

Pinterest: domino magazine

For bags

If your bags are crazy (like most), this little corner will enchant you as much as we do.
(PD: we want them all)

Pinterest: Alicia Andrés


Bold and attractive. Barbie wouldn't take her eye.

Pinterest: Sherry Marcell

Glorious past

Feeling like a princess is something that many of us have wanted and this dressing seems the answer to our childhood prayers.

Pinterest: Chandra Rundell

Big time

You have to have a lot of space to get one like this but even so, we can't stop admiring its grandeur.

Pinterest: Chelsey Clementz


This bright dressing room is classic, elegant and modern. An excellent mix that ends up bewitching.

Pinterest: Ana Ce


This dressing room perfectly defines the word functional: all in sight and easily accessible (in addition to beautiful).

Pinterest: Gemma Mercer


This dressing room offers two options: to have it in sight or hidden by curtains. Anyway nobody can deny that he would love to have one like that.

Pinterest: Ikea Sverige


A carpet full of color brightens the space and leads us to a window with incredible views. Nothing more to say, Your Honor.

Pinterest: Antonio José G.R


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