Shared spaces: adapt the decoration

Shared spaces: adapt the decoration

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Our current lifestyle blurs the borders within the home and is that, at the end of a hard day's work, what you want is to be with your family, although, of course, with a certain space for personal hobbies. This newly acquired custom has changed the decorative pattern of recent years which adds as an alternative option that of shared spaces, the elimination of superfluous partitions and the opening of openings as an air supply and amplitude.

Inspired by the loft concept, Small format homes are updated with this new form of distribution. It is fashionable to merge trends and environments with the aim of creating cleared and multifunctional spaces. Now the living room encompasses from the living area to the work table passing, of course, through a generous dining room, a reading corner and even making room for a full-fledged kitchen. The same happens with corridors and hallways converted into useful spaces, vital in the new conception of home.

And the bedroom? Far beyond the mere rest area, this intimate space includes small bureaus or work areas and bets on the elimination of doors in closets; now the dressing is integrated into the decoration itself as a new form of personal imprint. Even the bathroom tends to integrate into the room to expose sinks, showers and bathtubs using furniture and accessories more typical of the bedroom to facilitate fusion. We think this singular mix is ​​a success. And you?

Advertising - Keep reading below Visual union between the living room and the kitchen

The simplicity of an open space is a magnificent thread between the living room and the kitchen of this house. Thanks to this idea, the design office fits in wonderfully with a very comfortable seating area. soft. The result, eclectic and warm, is spectacular.

Carpet and cushions, by Maison de Vacances. Mesa, by Antennae. Sofa, by Ikea.

An office in the lounge

We all need to have our own corner, it is our space and it makes us feel good, but at the same time we like to be in family. Well distributed, the room goes a long way without overwhelming the space.

This environment proves it; It has a seating area, a small integrated office and a reading corner with views. You like? Sofa Ektorp (€ 469), coffee table (€ 119), chair Frode (€ 29.99) and rocking chair (€ 99); everything, for sale in Ikea.

Living room and kitchen. Three in one…

When the meters are scarce, reducing and eliminating partitions is a very good option that increases the feeling of spaciousness and also allows the circulation of natural light. This rustic air space was designed following these guidelines, with the addition of a large square opening in the wall that separates living room and kitchen; Very useful as a bookcase, plate and light source.

Ikea sofa and coffee table. Cushions and utensils, Zara Home. Carpet by Gra.

Auxiliary furniture

The classic nest tables are excellent allies for small spaces. Opt for a renewed design, such as the model Kilo, Habitat, in oak and lacquered steel in three colors (€ 100).

A desk in the bedroom

The single bedrooms easily admit a spacious and comfortable work or study area. In this case it was decided to alternate styles to gain decorative movement, with a steel easel table, a classic tack chair and a colonial touch with the wooden staircase.

Everything from Batik Interiors.

Recycled parts

Flirty stacked suitcases are a good option as a bedside table and storage space. From Maisons du Monde (€ 49).

A dressing room integrated to the bedroom

Do you dream long ago with a large dressing room? Ideally, arrange it in an extra room, next to the bedroom but this idea is also very valid as easy as it is suggestive. A steamy floor-to-ceiling curtain will protect clothes, exposed on hangers, from the rest area itself. You may sacrifice some space at the foot of the bed, but it's worth it!

Curtain Aina (€ 49.99 per couple); Bekkestua headboard (€ 169); donkeys for clothes Turbo (€ 32.99 each); chair Storsele (€ 99) and duvet cover (€ 79.99). Everything, for sale in Ikea.

Mini office in the bedroom

From here we bet to win the battle at the meter with well thought out and flirtatious solutions like this beautiful bureau with five drawers and a small writing table. Completed with a removable stool meets the need for a desk while serving as an improvised dressing table with room at the foot of the bed.

The bureau, in painted wood, can be purchased at Car Möbel for € 219 and the metal stool, from the same firm for € 139.80.

Decorate with butterflies

Note panel in the shape of a butterfly and floral print. It can be purchased at Maisons du Monde (€ 14.90).

A desk in the hall

If the hall of your house is loose and bright, turn it into a room in the house with a desk, chair and lamp worthy of the best office. A coat rack and a XXL mirror in the same materials will give coherence to the set.

Table, chair and mirror, from El Globo Muebles.

Warehouse area in the hall

The width of the aisle will determine the warehouse options in this area. Auxiliary furniture is a great choice that offers storage capacity without being overwhelming.

Here stands out a flowered chest of drawers, by Car Möbel (€ 169), a wall rack and the original idea of ​​aligning the shoes next to the skirting board; Only suitable for singles or couples.

Wardrobes on the stairs

The landing of the stairs or the end of the corridor are perfect corners in which to locate an additional closet that will serve well for garments of another season or for white clothes. They are valuable extra warehouse areas that acquire greater relevance in reduced housing. The key to integrating it is to look for a finished model in the tone of the wall.

Model cabinet Barbade, in spruce painted white, by Maisons du Monde (€ 459).

Details that should not be missing in the hall

For keys and coats, bet on wall accessories. That way they won't take up space.

Hanger (€ 10) and closet (€ 60); both of Nordal.

Hangers in the hall

In the absence of space in the hall where to locate a piece of furniture or a bench, steel hangers like the ones in the image come great. The idea is to decorate the space with our own accessories; a scarf or a colorful scarf and our favorite bag will bring that special and personal touch that conveys warmth as soon as you cross the house threshold.

This space is decorated by Linum.

Living room, kitchen and dining room

In this trend mix & match It is usual to integrate the kitchen in another environment. A trick to soften the inevitable linearity provided by the kitchen furniture is to incorporate pieces of contoured silhouettes, such as the old chairs that accompany a circular table here. As for the practical aspect, it is advisable to have good ventilation and a powerful hood, which prevents the diffusion of odors.

It is a project of the Argensolacuatro Architecture Studio. Mesa by Ikea.

Side tables in the kitchen

In addition to cooking and storing food, the kitchen has become the nerve center of the house, hence the importance of having an office, dining room or bar, however small the space may be. If the problem is that, the lack of meters, a magnificent option are the side tables
with folding wings, useful for the work area or as a dining room according to the time of day.

This model, with drawer and white finish, is from Car Möbel and costs € 105.

Colored furniture

Put a color note in the kitchen with a painted sideboard. This vintage model is from Maisons du Monde (€ 129).

Sinks in sight

Many interior designers and architects opt for the elimination of partitions in small spaces; In these cases, the furniture itself is responsible for defining each of the areas. In this bathroom, for example, the dressing table with the washbasins was located in the hallway
That gives way to the bedroom. To complete the integration, we opted for toilets and accessories
Vintage air in line with the hydraulic floor and blank carpentry.

A dressing room integrated in the bathroom

The coexistence between the bathroom and the dressing room is habitual, both for the comfort it offers and for its great versatility. Achieving that sense of breadth so sought is easy, and possible if we bet on a decorative continuity between both spaces that guarantees the perfect fusion of environments. In this bathroom, which is a proposal of Car Möbel, this is perceived.

A screen to separate environments

In open spaces, a screen is an ideal resource as a guarantee of privacy. The model Eloise, from Maisons du Monde, it costs € 129.

Desktop chest of drawers

A chest of drawers as flirtatious as this will be the perfect ally to organize rubber, forks or cosmetics. Is the model Poetry from Maisons du Monde (€ 26.90).

Necklaces hangers in dressing table mirror

Having few storage areas in the bathroom causes serious headaches, especially when the space is shared. Perhaps the solution is to look for hangers as ingenious as this one, which sticks with suction cups to the mirror and comes great to order from jewelry to brushes or hair bands.

Similar products to this one can be found in Howards Storage World. The mirrors placed horizontally are from Ikea.