How to transfer images (and create a beautiful wooden ornament)

How to transfer images (and create a beautiful wooden ornament)

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Image transfer is a technique inherited from collage, which consists of moving an image, drawing or photograph from paper to another material such as wood, fabric, glass, ceramics or cardboard.

In this step by step Textile Factory you will see how simple it is to personalize.

Advertising - Continue reading below An ornament with transferred image

Do you dare with this step by step? You will learn to transfer images easily. Here the technique has been used to decorate a block of natural wood. The result is a very attractive personal deco object.

1 Choose the image

In this step by step, Textures Factory, you start by choosing the image you want to transfer.

2 The role of the image

The image you choose must be on a laser photocopy (not printed with a toner or ink cartridge printer). The paper is normal. Avoid glossy or plasticized paper or photographic quality.

There are also specific images that are purchased as transfers

3 Cut to size

Cut out the image you want to transfer, leaving half a centimeter around the contour. The image size should be based on the size of the object you want to transfer it on.

4 Fix the image

Fix the image with the face of the subject against the surface of the object (face down).

5 With painter's tape

Place strips of painter's tape at the ends of the image to fix it.

6 Cotton and solvent

Soak a cotton ball with universal solvent. Protect the table surface with plastic so that it does not deteriorate if it comes into contact with the solvent.

7 Press the image

Press the image with the cotton, in touches, to soak it with the solvent.

8 Discover the image

Once you have soaked the image, pressing each centimeter, gently lift the image paper, from the side and carefully, checking that the image has been transferred perfectly.

9 If a part is not transferred ...

If you see that it does not transfer, replace the paper and press again with the cotton soaked in solvent. Rediscover the image.

Transfer images in a kit

In the page Web from Textures Factory you will find different kits to make crafts, among them, a box with everything you need to transfer images.

The result

A personal adornment As soon as you take the trick to this technique and discover its possibilities you will not want to leave anything without images.


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