Flowers according to your horoscope

Flowers according to your horoscope

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Advertising - Keep reading under 1 Aquarius

They are people capable of agitating the masses and very dreamy. For these reasons, Allen suggests the borage, which equally symbolizes the dreams and ambitions of his personality. The tuber will also help them when their focus on ways to improve the world.

2 Aries

Aries know what they want and they want it now. For these reasons, astrologer Kim Allen suggests that his flower be the zinias, which do not need much attention or patience.

3 Cancer

If you are cancer, you know how to make people around you feel safe and educated. For these reasons, Allen recommends that you plant jasmine, that is calm. Potted plants have the same relaxing effect.

4 Capricorn

Capricorns are never afraid to face new projects. Why then does Allen suggest the laurel? In ancient Greece, the winners of the Olympic games were awarded laurel as a symbol of the victory they will get.

5 Scorpio

It is well known that Scorpio is the most passionate sign of the zodiac, so they should plant flowers as lively as they are. The flower known as ursi grape, full of life, is its plant.

6 Gemini

Gemini are elegant people who seek intellectual connections with others - so Allen suggests they plant rosemary, as it attracts mental clarity. Aromatic plants such as lavender and lily help clear the mind as well.

7 Leo

I read them give off positivity and vitality wherever they go, so Allen suggests that they plant sunflowers. Chamomile also attracts positive energy and good vibes.

8 pound

The pounds are super romantic so the daisy that will allow them to do the "loves me, doesn't love me" is the flower that suits them best. Roses, flowers of love par excellence, will also produce a warm feeling.

9 Pisces

It is no secret that this water sign that pisces are the most creative and psychological of the zodiac signs. For these reasons, Allen suggests that they plant lotus, which is commonly used in spiritual rites of Buddhism and Hinduism. They are also known to be nocturnal people so the nicotiana, which blooms at night, is another perfect flower for your garden.

10 Sagittarius

Sagittarians are happy when they are on the right path. Magnolias are plants with more duration than life itself, just like them.

11 Taurus

If you are a Taurus, you like the slowness, constancy and pleasures of life, so your flower is lilac. To attract love, violet plants that are in tune with Venus, the planet of love and some patchouli plant, in tune with money.

12 Virgo

If you can describe the virgo in a single word that is an obsessive worker. They are constant people in their career, so their plant is Valerian because it helps them sleep and close their eyes. The verbena is also a flower that will help them relax when they have passed time.