Ideas to save at home with all the comfort

Ideas to save at home with all the comfort

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They are small acts with which you will get a thrifty home without appreciating a noticeable difference in the home comfort The use of the dishwasher and the washing machine at full load, the degrees to which you must maintain the temperature of a room, a correct insulation of the windows or tricks so as not to waste water or the heat of the hob when cooking are some of the points key that we review to get closer to the ideal of sustainable home and committed to the environment.

Advertising - Keep reading below Close the windows well

Check that the windows and perfectly isolated. Heat leaks are caused by them. Double windows or double glazing saves 20% energy expenditure. Its condition influences the heating performance in the cold months. The same thing happens with the doors. Place weatherstrips to avoid currents.

Pots, by Affari.

Responsible use of the dishwasher

The dishwasher It is a great ally, however, it is one of the appliances that consumes the most energy. Solution? Avoid high temperature programs because 90% of energy consumption is due to water heating and only 10% to engine operation. Of course, you have to put it only when it is completely full, in this way - and despite what many believe - water consumption is reduced considerably compared to a hand wash.

A trick: instead of using the dishwasher drying program, leave the door open with the wet utensils to dry with the air. This gesture saves energy.

Better shower than bath

When filling the bathtub, more water and energy are spent (in the case of hot water). For him bath of children, with a little water it is enough for them to splash. Also, doesn't the water that is going to hurt when you let it run until it reaches the temperature? Place a bucket under the tap and that water that comes out cooler will help you mop the floor. Turn off the tap while you wash your head or teeth in the case of the sink.

There are also alternatives to reduce the flow of the shower (such as handles, flow switches or limiters), which involve reducing the cost by almost 60%.

In the picture, sprayer Front for Axor, from Hansgrohe.

The washing machine: full, please

Important if you have to change the home appliances: Choose the ones with the lowest energy consumption, which, although somewhat more expensive, allow you to save more than 600 euros throughout its useful life. Class A energy-labeled appliances are the most efficient. On the opposite end are those of class G.

As for the washing machine, always use it with the maximum load. Energy, water and detergent consumption is reduced. In addition, the life of the device is extended. Spend less with cold water programs. Most appliances incorporate an economic program. Use it. Did you know that those with a frontal load generally spend less energy and water than those with a higher load? In the image, containers, of Ikea.

In the taps, watch out for the drip

The permanent dripping of a tap can mean a loss of 100 liters of water per month. Check the installation and joints, if this is your case. And, if it is a mistake, nothing like putting a sign nearby to warn of the importance of closing it well. So all family members will keep it in mind and it will become a good habit to check if it is properly closed.

Faucet change? Better a single lever with which you will manage to maintain the chosen temperature even if it is closed and drips are better avoided.

Place devices that reduce the flow of water on the taps. They reduce between 4 and 8 liters per minute.

Matter of lights

The electric light It represents between 15% and 18% of domestic consumption. But it is possible not to turn on the light. Take advantage of natural light: open blinds and curtains and use sunlight as much as possible. In addition, in the cold months it warms. On the contrary, in the summer, keep the blinds down so that the room does not take temperature since then you will spend more on air conditioning. The light bulbs, always of low consumption. Their price is higher but they spend much less.

Turn off the lights when you are not going to be in a room. If you are going to stay a long time in front of the TV, you can light a couple of candles and avoid having a light on.

Check your behavior at home: if you enter a room less than a minute to catch something you know where it is, do not turn on the light.

Did you know that clean bulbs emit more light and last longer? They get dirty and we don't usually clean them. Pass them a cloth when they are cold.

Flexo lamp, Calabaz signature.

Cook and save

Make the most of the kitchen heat with containers whose base is slightly larger than the cooking zone. No heat will be wasted through the hob or gas cooker.

Important and so simple: take advantage of the residual heat of electric cookers. In hobs (not induction plates), if you turn off before finishing cooking, you will save energy.

Super fast pressure cookers consume less. And get used to cover the pans and pans during the preparation of the meal.

Avoid using the oven and when you do not open the door unnecessarily since, at each opening, the temperature can drop between 25 and 50 degrees. Double glazed doors retain heat better. And here too, take advantage of the residual heat.

What a warmth!

What temperature is most appropriate in winter to be at home? Between 21 and 23º is enough for the day. During the night you can go down to 16-17º. To control the degrees it is essential that you install a programmer.

Keep this information in mind: for each grade you upload heating 8% more energy is consumed.

Placing a sofa near a window will feel cold due to the effect of glass. So try to get it away from the window.

Remember that only 10 minutes are needed to ventilate and, on colder days, do it at noon better than in the morning.

Keep the radiators clean, the heat is better distributed. If the heating is communal, and you get too hot, close the radiators but avoid opening the windows.

Once the heating is ready, take advantage of placing some wet clothes nearby. Image by Car Möbel.