Fun Home: the urban rustic is a trend

Fun Home: the urban rustic is a trend

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- If you want to succeed without risk, try to make the rustic furniture made of wood painted in white. The reason? They are easier to combine with modern materials - glass, steel, high-gloss color lacquers ... - than wooden furniture in dark finishes.

- You don't need to mix large furniture to transform a rustic environment into a mix with other trends. Sometimes, just add a detail in another style to get that glamorous counterpoint: cushions with a silver brocade, mirrored pots or a delicate orchid.

Advertising - Read on below A dining room with Provencal charm

This Provencal-style dining room could be in any country house. However, the work sofa with cover and velvet seat, and the lamp with the porcelain foot raise the decorative level of the set.

It is a classic of the rustic style. What updates it is to display on its shelves pieces of kitchenware in a single color: white.
The signature Sophie Conran has white dishes of old inspiration, but with a modern wink that sets them apart.

Similar cupboard, in Maisons du Monde. Mesa, similar in Laura Ashley. In You will find similar chairs and lamps.

Tableware and utensils in line

In appearance, everything on this table conforms to the rustic style. The checkered tablecloth, the knives with the bone handle, the Italian coffee maker ... Just a moment! Sure it is a coffee maker? Actually, it is a porcelain jug, of Italian design - current and with a sense of humor - that reproduces the shape of traditional models. It belongs to the collection Quotidian aesthetic, from Seletti.

A countryside lounge

The typical bacon table, in untreated wood, is the star of this room. Its rough lines are nuanced with the capitoné armchairs and the current design sofa. The pink hydrangeas in the vase - in tune with the plaid blue- sweeten the rudeness of the table; look for a similar model in Hübsch Interior. You'll find armchairs similar to these in Laura Ashley, just like the chiffonier, at the bottom. For the sofa, consult KA International.

Look at the finishes so different that the coffee table and the chiffonier have. However, both integrate seamlessly into the environment. How is it possible? The upholstery of the sofa and the armchairs in sand tone facilitate the transition from one piece of furniture to another and help to harmonize them.

Mix the rustic with industrial look details

The bars with backs of bars and the table with legs joined by a crossbar confirm that this dining room is rustic. But if we look at the ceiling, the composition with six lamps king size Brushed steel orients the decoration towards the industrial style.

Similar table, in; similar chairs, in Maisons du Monde. Find lamps like these in HK Living and Hübsch Interior.

Add your own touch with a detail that turns a specific piece of furniture into a unique piece. Here, the vintage kitchen cabinet was painted in a pale apple green. Have you noticed its base? On each hook hangs a cup of different color, which creates a cheerful rainbow over the sink.

Gloss and matt finishes

Modern materials, such as the synthetic countertop, combined with traditional furniture - stools and lamps - and oak flooring create a timeless kitchen, neither too modern nor too rustic. The glass front in the cooking zone is very easy to clean, adds a subtle color and gives the kitchen a contemporary air.

You will find stools of this style in Hübsch Interior. Similar lamps, in HK Living. Find out in Saint-Gobain about lacquered glass Planilaque Evolution.

Eclectic bedroom

The headboard upholstered in vichy It seems to announce that today we will sleep in a country house. But the table in silver finish and the copper lamp with vintage design reveal an urban soul.

Headboard, similar to Laura Ashley. Bedside table, by Maisons du Monde. In Domesticoshop you will find copper lamps. On the shelf, letters, by Madam Stoltz.

Recycled furniture

The table of this hall was the typical design on which bread was kneaded in a country kitchen. Now, painted in glossy black lacquer and in the company of a mirror with golden frame, it forms a glamorous couple that could decorate the entrance of a house in any city.

Black unpainted table, in Maisons du Monde. The mirror is from

Trophy Exhibition

Exotic trophies are sweetened on a background of print floral. The collection Mood, from Camengo, and the model Japonica, from Anna French, they have similar roles. You will find lamps with horn base in or on the web

Regarding trophies, taxidermist-inspired eco models are in fashion, made with different materials: fabric, in;
of resin, in Rice, or white, to paint them in the color you want, in

Similar console, in Laura Ashley.