Leakproof enclosures

Leakproof enclosures

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One of the main reforms that can be undertaken at home is replace doors and windows for others that ensure a perfect thermal and acoustic insulation; and thus achieve a more efficient and responsible energy consumption. Another option, without changing everything, is to improve the quality of materials: glass, frames, slats and drawers of blinds, to prevent leaks.

The choice of window glass It is essential when it comes to achieving optimal isolation. Double glazing, such as SGG Climalit Plus, from Saint Gobain, reduce up to a fifth of heat losses through glass compared to a simple glass, while reducing the solar contribution in summer by several degrees. The drawer of the blind It is the great unknown of our houses, but you would be surprised to know how important it is to know its coefficient of thermal transmittance (U) = heat flux (W) between the surface (m2) and the temperature difference (K). The lower the value resulting from solving this equation, the greater its efficiency. The new drawer Energy, from Persax Group, has very high thermal and acoustic insulation values ​​(1.20 W / m2k), which results in greater energy savings.

As to blind slats, the most advisable are those of profiled aluminum filled with polyurethane, especially high density models. And the use of the motor as an ideal drive system to raise and lower the blind. If you are going to change the crystals, find out in your community the Renew Plans of PVC windows that subsidize part of the cost.

Advertising - Keep reading under Natural light

If you have a large terrace in the living room, place large windows that allow you to take full advantage of natural light during the day and quickly ventilate the room while enjoying the outside views.

Best double crystal

Choose a reinforced thermal insulation glass, such as SGG Climalit Plus, from Saint Gobain, which reduces heat losses through the glass by more than 80% in winter and its overheating in summer.

Take advantage of the space

Opt for the versatility of roof windows Cabriolet, from Velux, the only ones that become a balcony in a matter of seconds

Integrate the terrace

It is a resource widely used to gain meters and facilitate the passage of natural light, as in this space won to the living room and now converted into a practical dining room.

Types of opening

Mini practical guide: The rupture of the thermal bridge is an essential insulation in the frame of the windows, especially those of aluminum. In You will find extensive information on how to choose the right window, depending on the weather, space and aesthetics, and the advantages of each type of opening: sliding, folding, swinging ...

Blinds, matching

For windows and blinds to combine in harmony, the model RolaplusIn addition to isolating and being ecological, it is presented in Kolorten (more than 100 colors to choose from).

Cleaning kit to take care of blinds

Keep the aluminum windows in good condition with this pack consisting of a soapy solution, two chamois and a guide, of