Pay less on electricity bills

Pay less on electricity bills

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The cheapest energy is the one that is not consumed. Something obvious, but that day after day, it is forgotten. If we had it in mind, surely the amount of electricity and water bills would be reduced. A responsible and efficient use of these limited resources goes to account. But to appreciate considerable savings, in addition to correcting wasteful habits, it is also necessary to equip the house with efficient materials and facilities. There are many the most economical building elements, although the basic ones refer to the housing envelope, with insulation in facades, walls, ceilings, floors and efficient windows.

Is about limit energy demand, so that there is thermal comfort inside and turn on the minimum heating or air conditioning. And to install efficient equipment that, even if used, works better. There are also developments in regulations that influence invoices and should be known. Since October, the new hourly rate for electricity has been in force, which establishes a price that varies throughout the day according to the energy price. The consumer invoice will vary according to the time at which the consumption occurred.

The new light rate system It is only applicable to consumers who use the regulated electricity market (voluntary price to small consumers), in no case at free rates. But apart from this regulation, there are habits with which you save, such as using the eco programs of household appliances; turn off those at rest or stand by, including computers, televisions, decoders and consoles; use intensity regulators, to increase or decrease the light beam depending on the moment, and motion detectors, to automate the switching on and off in corridors, stairs and rooms of little use, such as storage rooms, basements and garages. You will find more information at and consumer associations.

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The lights on at all hours mean more energy consumption and the consequent expense! To reduce it, check your routine at home and calculate how many hours you turn it on ... Do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen? The solution, if it is adjacent to the room and has low light, is to change the partition to glass. Reformation, by Vuong Interiorismo.

Steamed pans and induction hob

Many appliances include eco programs, but that is not enough: it is necessary to select them. And also, change some habits to pay less. Do the laundry with cold water; dry clothes in the sun and less in a dryer; cook in a quick pot and steamed pans of several floors and cover the containers while cooking; Do not use the oven to defrost and do not open it, if not necessary. And if you have to change the ceramic hob, choose one of induction.

Insulating materials

Optimal insulation It matters in facades, roofs and floors of all types of homes, but even more in penthouses and chalets. If your envelope, your skin, is well insulated, you need less heating and air conditioning, and you will save all year. Search for information on insulating materials on the websites of Supafil (Knauf), Isover and Rockwool.

Energy efficient appliances

Appliances are responsible for more than 50% of the consumption of electrical energy in homes. The one that consumes the most: the refrigerator, on 24 hours a day; and among them, the most economical are those that have an energy label A +++. Acquiring efficient models is saving energy. In this kitchen: fridge, from Liebherr; microwave and oven, Bosch and bell, Pando.

Thermal insulation glass

Heat and cold leaks through the windows also raise expenses. Under construction, double glazing with an air chamber has become widespread; but, for greater acoustic thermal insulation, and less expense, discover the low emissive glass or reinforced thermal insulation (ATR) on the page

Solar control glass

The orientation of an already built house does not
It can be changed, but it is possible to make improvements that limit energy demand.
For example, overhangs, awnings and blinds avoid excessive sun, but also with solar control glass. In this room, the windows are from Finstral. Reformation, by Mill-House.

Gas fireplace

The weather varies greatly from a geographical area
to another and therefore, the heating system suitable for one, may not be for another. Radiators, stoves, heat pumps, fireplaces, underfloor heating ... Changing the system is an investment that can be amortized. In the case of chimneys, for example, there is a wide variety of powers and fuels ... In addition to firewood, gas, biomass and bioethanol can be used. In this room, the fireplace, of A Fuego Chimneys, is gas.

Thermostatic valves

Do you use all the rooms in the house equally? Close the door you don't use and don't heat them. In addition, it analyzes routines and actual hours of occupancy of the rooms and installs programmable thermostats. In the case of heating by water radiators, even if the system is centralized, thermostatic valves can be used which, installed on each radiator, allow the regulation and control of the room's room temperature.

Sliding doors

Knowing the resources that decorators and architects use can also help reduce expenses. Large sliding doors, which act as moving walls, achieve that
Natural light flows without barriers. Installation of doors by El Corte Inglés. Interior designer,
Pili Molina.

LED lamp

Save by replacing conventional lighting
by LED and with the control of the electrical consumption. With
the lamp Segredo, from, you can use LED (€ 350.90).

Light consumption meter

The meter, from Chacon, indicates the expenditure in euros based on the kW / h of consumption and the price of the kW / h (€ 16.90 in Leroy Merlin).

Tap with temperature limiter

Not all faucets are the same; Some consume less water, either cold or hot. The one in the image, the model Essence, from Grohe, with fixed or removable sprayer, has a cartridge with temperature and flow limiter.

Quick pot

If you cook in less time, you save. Quick pot Perfect, from the WMF firm (€ 172 / 2.5 l).

Digital electric radiators

Programmable digital electric radiators of low consumption. The models Delta, from the firm Rointe, can be controlled from the tablet and smartphone.

Lighting management system

Modular system Sense, by Simon, to manage lighting and climate, among other functions of the house.

Aerator to reduce flow

An aerator reduces the flow of water between 40% and 60% compared to a tap without it. This one is from Leroy Merlin (€ 16.90).

Dual position handle taps

The taps that have a double position handle incorporate an opening stop in the middle of the path, which lets out only 50% of the water flow. If pressure is applied to that stop, the tap continues to open and allows 100% of the water to pass through; A very useful saving option, even more, with children at home. And if you have a cold central opening system, you save this way: the water comes out cold and not warm, therefore the boiler does not turn on and is saved. In this bathroom, single lever and washbasins are from Roca.

Toilet double discharge

How many times do you use the toilet a day? Put some mechanism to save water. Find out about: 1) double download; 2) push button with download interruption; 3) adjustable filling faucets, and
4) tank weights. In Leroy Merlin they have them at a good price. Some habits must also be corrected: the toilet should never be used as a wastebasket; put one in the bathroom and save yourself that download. Throwing waste also pollutes and hinders the work of the treatment plants. Sanitary, of Roca.

Thermostatic shower

With thermostatic showers you save. Because they regulate the temperature and flow rate, they adjust them in seconds and no water is wasted to achieve the desired temperature. Model Bora Bora, from Bauhaus (€ 189).


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