Black is back: How to decorate with the color black

Black is back: How to decorate with the color black

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- The key for black to stand out and not overwhelm is to avoid saturation. Yes, to the compositions of sheets and photographs in black and white, but always in a number and a surface proportional to the space. Yes to the black carpets, but with a touch of white enough to illuminate it.

- Where to start? Observe the proposals of decorators where black is present and follow the news deco-black Stay with the ideas that best fit your style and choose only those pieces that you have fallen in love with: lamps, textiles, auxiliary furniture, ceramics ...

Advertising - Keep reading below Magnet Effect

Black brush strokes bring sophistication to any white-decorated environment. In the right dose each piece gains an incredible visual relief. Resorting to black also has an additional advantage: the space seems more orderly and balanced. House Doctor signature: cushion covers (from € 36), macramé tapestry (€ 72), daybed (€ 1,059) and table (€ 170).

Bicolor Cocktail

In textile complements, black & white geometries are razed by their attractive contrast and strength. And it is that black turns all motives into protagonists, since it highlights and shapes them. The variety of prints and designs invigorates the decoration, as when several colors are combined, although there are only two in this color palette. Cushions, by Maisons
du Monde, in wool and cotton jacquard
(from € 19.90 each) and Quito bank (€ 180).

With the cushions that combine different fabrics, a print - prints with motifs are taken to
different scale- and another smooth, it is easy to renew the decoration with just a flip. These disparate chiaroscuro games create different looks.

Risk and hit!

Who dares with black on the table? Surprise everyone with a presentation that breaks molds. The ultra-bright black attracts all
the looks, but it is convenient to counteract his sobriety and reduce his strength with other colors that bring nuances and sensations, such as stone gray, so serene, or white, pure luminosity.
From Bloomingville: plate (€ 17), individual (€ 26) and golden cutlery (€ 26 / service).

Cool & chic
Being up to date on deco trends is key to reinventing the presentation of the table. Here, the black-on-white staging arouses more interest with the individual fabric - for the drawing that forms the point, its texture and its warmth - and has more glamor, with the moderate presence
of gold.

Winning bet

The stripes that alternate black and white are a classic in decoration ... Always? Change the chip this couple is the most avant-garde! Here it acts as an attractive backdrop for a refined design dining room. A success, the blow of effect of the framed work, which powers that
contemporary look Painted paper Williamby Sandberg (85 / roll). Chairs CH24by Carl Hansen & Son.

Tradition and modernity

A classic showcase is transformed into a design that wastes magnetism thanks to the powerful black and white color tandem. Seeing this example it is clear that the bold contrast of both updates pieces from decades ago with amazing ease. Showcase (€ 2,326), table (€ 775) and accessories, from Nordal.

Opposites attract ... So if white dominates on the walls, try decorating them with a hint of black. Letters, phrases, numbers, geometric and floral motifs are embodied in vinyl to make everything easier.

And if you want the walls to speak ... Look for large-scale motifs!

Very resulton

Neither masculine, nor dark, nor cold, nor serious, nor sad ... Black adds style when good design accompanies it. You will find so many furniture and ideal accessories in this trendy color, that you will want them all. This proposal, by Lene Bjerre, bets on fibers and the urban garden look. Basket case Gaia, braided plastic (€ 90), flashlight Ailia, rattan and bamboo, with glass candle holders (€ 480), artificial cactus (€ 299) and accessories (from € 5.95).