The bohemian and eclectic house of Victoria Smith author of the SF Girl by Bay blog

The bohemian and eclectic house of Victoria Smith author of the SF Girl by Bay blog

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Victoria Smith

I knew that I wanted to live on the east side of the city, in the hills, so he came up with many expectations to the day of open doors of a house for sale in the neighborhood of Elysian Heights, a green area just 15 minutes from downtown The Angels. "It was an Easter Sunday. It helped me to be festive because the other buyers didn't have a very strong profile. The real estate market here is very competitive," he explains. the blogger from sfgirlbybayVictoria Smith. "I loved the size, the huge back garden and the views," he confesses. Although the property was ready for him to move, He wanted to change some things to make her more his. The main modifications occurred in the bedroom, in which he created a dressing room, dispensing with an attached room. He also enlarged the bathroom and built floor-to-ceiling libraries that occupy an entire wall of the living room. Outside, he painted the facade black, planted succulents and native species that resisted the Los Angeles climate and installed a gazebo area.

With the base ready, it was time for decoration. "When I started designing this house, I had just returned from Tulum, in Mexico, and the Coqui Coqui resort He had inspired me a lot. I wanted a relaxed house, with an air of Californian beach and that was very comfortable and cozy", she says. Victoria, who worked as an interior designer for years before finding her blogger vocation, defines his style as eclectic and with a lot vintage. She always runs away from the mixes in which everything combines and only pieces that really like her and that mean something to her and her home come in are the perfect example of it. A tip for a set with such diverse elements to be consistent? "If you are going to exhibit many pieces and collections, it is best to group objects that are similar. If, for example, you put all the pottery together, it will look like a unit and will be cohesive and tidy, "he advises. We take note.

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From the entrance we can guess what we will find in the home of the blogger Victoria Smith: vintage pieces, cozy spaces and an eclectic and bohemian style.

Natural materials

In your home, natural materials, such as wood or fibers, predominate.

Well avenues

Next to the entrance we find the dining room.

Dinning room

Surrounding the table Tulip, two pairs of chairs, grille and wood and plastic style midcentury. In the foreground a kitchen cupboard.

White, black and wood. Open kitchen

It was one of the few spaces that had been renovated by previous owners.

Coffee corner Go to the lounge

Next to the dining room we find the living room.

Day nest

Next to the window we find a bamboo daybed.

Faithful companion

Her dog Lucy resting on the daybed.

Knowledge takes place

Victoria built bookstores from floor to ceiling in the living room.

Center of attention Victoria Smith

Tulip coffee table with leather poufs.

Delimit spaces

An L-shaped sofa serves to shorten the living room.

Coffee table detail All to the white Your corner

The living room and the bookcase is your favorite place in the house.

A great support

Detail of the side table of the lounge.

Main bedroom Chromatic Relax

The color palette was restricted to create a relaxing interior.

Golden touch

As a light for the bedside table a golden pendant lamp.

Header Design

A Tulip coffee table acts as a bedside table.

Dressing room

Victoria dispensed with a room attached to his to install a dressing room.

Very well equipped Everything takes advantage

A closet with drawer was installed under the window.

Dressing table detail Black is black

The doors were painted black.


The bathroom was narrow and quite small, so Victoria wanted to enlarge it.

Charm of the past

He opted for white and black and for modern pieces with a vintage look that would bring a luxurious, dramatic and relaxed touch.

Relaxing bath

The exempt bathtub is from Kohler and the floor, with hexagonal cement tiles, from Clé tile.

Great capacity

The blogger has created an open storage space with an arch and a low closet behind the door, next to the shower.

Guest room

Jenny Lind's bed was the first piece for which she decided and her sculptural and black structure, with a style reminiscent of Old Hollywood, marked the rest of the room.

Between cottons

The bedding chose her in white, black and gray tones.


The portraits bring the touch vintage.

It has cloth

The owner found some vintage fabrics on Etsy and made curtains hanging from a Westelm iron bar with them. The carpet is sisal.

A lot of light Auxiliary light

The wall sconces are from Bloomingviulle.

Stick cane

Wicker bedside table vintage of EBTH and rattan lamp purchased on Etsy. The magazine rack, also in rattan but in black, found it in a second-hand market at the University of Pasadena.

At his feet

Chest of drawers and chairs Vintage eames.

Small gallery

On the dresser, a collage of pieces vintage.


Victoria recommends grouping similar objects to create a cohesive and orderly unity.

Back porch Cane furniture Outdoor seating area Outside life Access ladder Black facade

Victoria decided to paint the exterior of the house in black.