Discover here the miniature furniture that your pet wants to have

Discover here the miniature furniture that your pet wants to have

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Okawa Kagu

As if he had just arrived from work and was resting on the couch while preparing tea. That is what you will think when you see this image of a kitten thrown into the bartender in what appears to be a tailor-made salon.

No, you are not delirious, miniature furniture is already part of the animal world. Following the success of the IKEA pet line, The Japanese firm Okawa Kagu decided to literally shrink several existing designs of human furniture, and thus, incidentally, boost the activity of Fukuoka artisans.

The collection has sofas and beds You'll have to see to believe.

The sofa was designed by Hiromatsu Furniture. Okawa Kagu The bed design belongs to Tateno Mokuzai. Okawa Kagu Okawa Kagu

If you want to get any of these products for your pet, you can contact Okawa Kagu here (but you better activate the translator).

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