Tribal magic: The wildest and most contemporary deco

Tribal magic: The wildest and most contemporary deco

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Colors such as red, orange, yellow and gold transfer all the heat and fire of African lands to the decoration. That palette is allied with the artisan design and the most refined current to create a vibrant staging. Ethnic foreground lamps, with such a stylized support and natural pigments, are inspired by the aesthetics of tribal shields.

Color up Matteo Manduzio

African pottery goes beyond earthenware vessels and crocks ... There are ceramics that bet on current motives and bright colors. Turn them into your utensils and they will make your day. African pottery is a fundamental part of the artistic heritage of the continent, but also with designs such as the one in the photo it tends
A bridge between Africa and the rest of the world. Similar ceramics at, and

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In addition to ceramics, there are African wooden utensils to give the table tribal airs. Some ideas: ladles and cutlery to serve, with the handle decorated with bone or carvings, fruit bowls and fountains, not forgetting the African calabash - dried and hollowed beans - that shape bowls of various sizes.

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The craftsmanship of the continent, which portrays the wild nature, and the refined ebony wood figures, make up decorative still lifes of unique beauty. Decorating with pieces thus a current room enriches with a miscegenation that squanders style. Plus deco: resort to black in the right dose and give prominence to textiles with animal print. Giraffe, similar, in and hippo, in teak wood, in and

Sizes, masks, statuettes ... African tribal art is labeled as exotic although it actually manifests a whole way of
life and beliefs The African Touch, a firm that imports and distributes high decoration from Africa, highlights its great visual strength and decorative value to “put a unique stamp on the deco.”

Is in fashion Matteo Manduzio

The diversity of tribal motifs is a source of inspiration for Western creations. African graphics has made the leap to international textile design. Here, the cushion with a hypnotic zigzag print, which contrasts black and white, and the elegant fringe of black feathers, makes the atmosphere acquire an ethno-chic air. You can find upholstery with African-inspired motifs in the Africalia, Gastón and Daniela collections, and in the Ethnic, by Gancedo. Similar rattan chair, from HK Living.

The colonial air, or safari, - in the purest style of Memories of Africa - is maintained, but living in a lodge and decorating it as such is not available to everyone. Bet on two or three authentic details to give the decoration of your house that African flavor. Search for ideas
in Mambila and The African Touch.

With own rhythm Matteo Manduzio

The drum is the quintessential African instrument. Find an original, handmade, or get an auxiliary furniture with its shape, which symbolizes your passion, and that of an entire continent, for music. Options are not going to be missing because there are djembe and bougarabou drums -in and with an almost sculptural design that captivates. Let, in addition, that some orange piece evokes the tone of the skies in the sunsets, wonderful occasions that dye them in bright and radiant colors. Drum-shaped table, designed by Paola Navone for Gervasoni. Glass vases, by Leonardo. Objects, and toys, made with recycling material, such as radio, in Angata.


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