A house of yesterday and today

A house of yesterday and today

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Although judging by the result seems the opposite, no professional ever intervened in the reform or in the decoration of this Madrid home. It was about a 20's floor and when his young owner took over with him, he decided to adapt it to his family without losing the original spirit of the house. Passionate about the restoration and self-taught - press in the press and on the Internet to discover new ideas - decided to make the most of the treasures offered by the house.

The floors of the house, paved with hard parquet slats, they got better. And only in those rooms where it was impossible to keep them, They were replaced by hydraulic tiles inspired by designs from the early 20th century. The wooden windows were maintained with their carpentry, ironworks and external shutters, but double glazing was installed to ensure optimum climate control. The ceilings also played an important role: with their infinite height and original moldings, they add a stately air. And that same spirit remained in the new areas of the house.

In the middle of such an evocative environment, the kitchen and the two bathrooms - which were demolished for their new construction - maintained the same retro spirit from the rest of the house. The toilets were chosen with an old aesthetic, but with the most innovative features, and the bathtubs were commissioned by a British craftsman skilled in the reproduction of old models. As for the kitchen, it was completed with vintage details inspired by Provence.

Much of the success of the decoration of this house is also due to its conception of the world as an accessible place. Most of the furniture, original from the 40s and later decades, was acquired through the Internet. They are joined by the pieces and accessories that the owner collected in her different trips. The Mexican cactus and paintings bought in Havana and Beijing They are a good example of an open decoration, without borders.

Advertising - Keep reading below Dining room

Either from the living area or from the dining room, the feeling of spaciousness is enhanced by the fact that no bulky furniture breaks the visual depth. The sideboard that defines both environments allows you to see what happens at any point in the room. Sideboard by Ikea. Above it, a sculpture by Luis Galliussi that mimics a white sea sponge.

Dining area

The high ceilings and elaborate moldings of the house add lend to the whole. The original floor of the house was also recovered, with parquet slats placed in a spike in the dining room, and installed in the form of a tile with a block in the living area. In the dining room, Ikea Stockholm table, by Ikea, and chairs of a German antique dealer. The carpet is from Habitat.

Source of inspiration

The aesthetics of the 20s also remained at the doors. The owner designed models that a carpenter made to measure. The crystals were commissioned to glassware specialized in the reproduction of antique glass. Coffee table, from Ikea. Carpet by Lapety. Armchair, by Modernario. The sideboard was bought in a German antique dealer.

As a receiver

Websites, markets ... The owner used all the resources to find furniture from previous times. Like the golden metal coffee table - a Spanish design from the 40s - the French poster from the 30s or the mosaic lamp, below, sixties. Golden table, from Potsdam

A very bright room

No window has curtains. The original carpentry, restored, becomes a decorative protagonist with his old ironworks. Sofa, by Divatto. Above him, Tailak cushions. Armchairs, from El Ocho, with Designers Guild cushions. The floor lamp was purchased at El Rastro, and the ceiling lamp, on On the wall, photo, by the Dark Chamber.

The corner of the nightstand

Yellow and blue upholstery add vivacity to the wooden furniture and the stone-tone sofa. Watchman, from La Cabina. The lamp, the mirror and the poster are from street markets.

Black and white kitchen

The granite countertop, the hood, the washing machine and the metal lamps in jet finish contrast with the immaculate walls and furniture. The result: the environment evokes, even more, those kitchens of the early twentieth century. From Ikea: Stat model kitchen furniture and 365+ lamps. Household, from Habitat. Campana, from Cata. Hydraulic floor, from Mosaic del Sur.

Office area

Are we in a house in Provence? The old table used in the French vintage, the wooden bench, the plates on the wall ... Every detail of the office evokes bucolic scenes. Mesa and bank, from La Europea. Chairs, from Ikea. Letters and dishes, from Anthropologie.

Time travel

The kitchen, renovated with beveled tiles and hydraulic floor, reflects an unmistakable retro air. Detail of the radiator, recovered and painted by the owner. The poster is from Vintage 4P and the juanajuanas are inherited.

Suite bedroom

The master bedroom moves away from any standard decoration. Designed as a suite, it integrates the bathroom and a dressing room through which the rest area is accessed. The wallpaper fronts, the ceiling lamps, the mirrors that flank the entrance and the old sanitary cabinet make the difference. Armarito, from Vintage 4P. Mirrors: Venetian, on and with white frame, from Pomax. Ceiling lamps, by Olofane. Paper, by Cole & Son, in Pepe Peñalver.

The headboard is the protagonist

The headboard, rescued from a container and painted by the owner in Fuchsia, places us again in the 21st century. Bedroom: bedspread, Zara Home; quadrants, of Habitat and cushion, of Usera Usera.

Private bathroom

The private bathroom, with hydraulic floor and sanitary retro. Jarroncito, by Eva Baena.

Shower area

Soil, from Mosaic del Sur. Sanitary, Bronze Art.

Child's bedroom

Adult furniture - like the old, reupholstered stripper - will serve the girl when she grows up. It is the complements, naive and charming, that mark the children's air in the decoration. Headboard, from Pomax. Quilt and round cushion, from Zara. From Designers Guild, in Usera Usera: cushions and carpet. The reindeer head, made of paper mache, is Belén Cossio. The white shelf with knobs is from Zara and the shelf is a box

Brushstrokes of Tenderness

The girl's bedroom and the bathroom she uses reveal a planned decoration with care. In the bedroom, view of the bedside table that mom is recovering. Ikea lamp. Bedside table, of Emmaus Rags.

A well combined bathroom

The pastel tones of the hydraulic floor brighten the mood. Bathroom floor, from Mosaic del Sur.

Retro bathtub

The bathtub was commissioned from an English craftsman.

Plan and details of the reform

Recreate a 20's bath
Bathroom coverings are key to a credible environment. The Mosaic del Sur company, to which the floor was commissioned, manufactures hydraulic tiles with traditional designs and methods that were used at the beginning of the 20th century.

As for the tiles, the rectangular pieces, white and beveled, in baseboards combined with the wall also painted in white, evoke the toilets -all a luxury- of the stately homes.


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