Celebrate Valentine's day toasting with an Aviation cocktail

Celebrate Valentine's day toasting with an Aviation cocktail

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This cocktail was created at the Wallick Hotel in New York, at the beginning of the 20th century, to honor aviation. The architect was the bartender Hugo Ensslin, who added the violet liquor to give it that peculiar color. The original recipe has been transformed, increasing the amount of gin and reducing the lemon, in order to get a softer drink.

How the Aviation Cocktail is prepared

Ingredients:- 50 ml of gin
- 15 ml of maraschino liquor
- 15 ml of squeezed lemon
- 10 ml of liquor believe me of violette *
- Ice
- Cherry or lemon to garnish

Fill a cup of martini with ice to cool it.

Squeeze the lemon until the necessary amount of juice is extracted. Put all the ingredients in a shaker and fill with ice to the top. Close well and shake vigorously for about 8 seconds.

Remove the ice of the cup and strain the previous mixture. It can be decorated with a maraschino cherry at the bottom of the glass or with a twist of lemon peel.

* The "crème de violette" is a liquor made with violets that carries aroma and purple dye. Its flavor is sweet and, at the same time, dry. You can replace it with the "Perfect love liquor", which It also has violets, but it incorporates other nuances such as that of Spanish oranges and vanilla from Madagascar.

A snack for two

Prepare some mini baskets of Cheese and cod.

Cut phyllo dough into squares and put them 4 in 4 in a mold. Put in the oven until golden brown.

Poach in a frying pan onion and add desalted cod crumbs. Incorporate into the mixture cream cheese and mix well.

Fill the baskets and ready to drink!

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