Surround yourself with flowers for Valentine's Day

Surround yourself with flowers for Valentine's Day

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What better way to celebrate the Valentine's Day and say that you want her with A big bouquet of flowers.

In The Colvin Co. they have a great selection of special bouquets for Valentine's Day.

€ 33 The Colvin Co. The Colvin Co.

Margarita is called my love It is more than a florist, it is a space where you feel passion for plants and where you will find a team of florist artisans who will help you select the most special center.


Peonies, lilies, hydrangeas or the eternal roses. Anyone will be perfect for such a designated day.

Order your bouquet of flowers:

flowers natural flowers

To buy

28,99 €

of REGALAUNAFLOR (24 hour delivery)

roses Bouquet of roses

To buy

35,91 €

from Florclick.

Tulips Bouquet of Tulips

To buy

35,91 €

from Florclick.

roses Bouquet of roses

To buy

36,95 €

From FloresLowCost.

Pot looks ...

Fill your house with color and brighten up your desk or desk with these fun pens.

Flower-shaped pens, at home (€ 1.99 / cu.).

Safe and danger free pets

Puppies are fun, curious and love to play with plants. Therefore, you must take special care with the plants and flowers you have in the garden, the terrace or inside the house, as they can be toxic to them.

The azaleas can cause vomiting and lower blood pressure; the bulbs of daffodils and tulips, convulsions and arrhythmias; the oleanders, heart disorders, being highly poisonous; the cyclamen, gastrointestinal disturbances and even the aloe It can be very dangerous for them.

Related content 12 plants that can be deadly for your pet Amazon.co.uk

To buy 14,25 €

The New Book of Toxic Plants for Dogs and Cats.

And if you don't have a garden ... Fabrics with lots of color

The coral is betting strong, it is a warm and vibrant tone that, in turn, brings a lot of energy to the decoration. Let nature into your home!

To buy 39 € / m

KA International has presented the collection Paradise, with smart fabrics, like the model Morelia Teflon, with stain finish.

Flower cushions:

Cushions Flower Linen cushion covers

To buy

€ 12.86 / PK4

from HuifengS.

Flower cushion

To buy

15,36 €

from B&H.

Decorative flowers cushions

To buy

€ 24.59 / PK6

From Luxbon.

Red cushion

To buy

10 €

From Liza Line.

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