A comfortable and optimistic house on the outskirts of Seville

A comfortable and optimistic house on the outskirts of Seville

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"We live in a semi-detached house in Montequinto (Seville) and just over a month ago we finished with the work, which has been long, very long ...". This is how Mar and Víctor present us with the project they have most loved during the last months: their home. The previous kitchen, narrow and small, the enclosed spaces and the lack of light led them to make the decision to reform it to adapt it to their needs, tastes and lifestyle. "The objective was to create a very open and bright space on the ground floor," they explain. To do this they added the garage space inside and knocked down the partitions that separated the different rooms. "Everything has been broad and we have also sought to be cheerful, comfortable and welcoming."

When decorating this house (which has a kitchen with office, dining room, living room, iron room, three bedrooms, a dressing room and three bathrooms), they opted for a simple, fresh and warm style, with Nordic inspiration and pieces of Low cost stores, such as Ikea and Maisons du monde. "We were clear that we wanted white and wood to predominate throughout the house."

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A shelf provides the necessary support in the hall.


With a lot of storage area.

Value added

The old garage was incorporated into the house to gain space. Now the new kitchen occupies its place.

Washing and ironing area

It was also used to create a washing area.

Great capacity

The cabinets allow all cleaning utensils to be stored in one place.

Open minded

The new kitchen opened to the rest of the ground floor.

To the table

The house has a daily dining area and a more formal one.


The owners have paid attention to every corner of their home.

Think green

In the picture, a table for Ikea plants.

Reserved tables

View of the large dining room from the newspaper.

Eat with family

The largest dining room.

Color touch

White and wood predominate in the decoration, although we can find strokes of more vivid tones, such as the yellow lamp in the dining room.

Next to the fire

In the chimney area, two Poang armchairs from Ikea.

Knowledge takes place

The fireplace is flanked by two shelves that serve as libraries and form a perfect reading corner.

Shared space

In the background, the living area.

Comfort zone

The owners wanted their house to be, above all, comfortable and cheerful.


The sofa, dark and with a lot of presence, has been combined with a single white coffee table and very simple.

Television room Composition

Several pieces of furniture make up the storage area under television.

Two plants

The house has two levels.

White and wood

The staircase continues with the aesthetics of the rest of the house: white and wood.

Step by step

We climb to the upper level.

The top distributor Main bedroom

With headboard and matching wooden tables.

Follow the series

A dresser next to the bed, the same style as the rest of the furniture.

Dressing area

The master bedroom has an integrated dressing room and a bathroom en suite

The master bedroom bathroom

View of the bathroom from the master bedroom.

The master bedroom bathroom

The bathroom has a large shower.

Case study

One of the rooms was used to install a study area.


In the study area, high and low cabinets to have everything in order.

Guest bathroom

With turquoise floor.

Guest bathroom

The transparent shower screen allows the space to look wider.

Children's bathroom

Also white and simple.

Children's bathroom

Washbasin with a white cupboard suspended.


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