A refuge in the south

A refuge in the south

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Its excellent location, next to the beach, and the magnificent possibilities offered by this vtwo storey townhouse, were enough reasons for Chavi and Cristina to decide to acquire it. In addition, its location, in The Port of Santa MariaIt was also ideal as they had been looking for a place near their usual residence, in Jerez de la Frontera, where they could enjoy weekends and summer vacations. Even so, at first they considered the house rather as an investment by renting it during the first years until, in the end, they decided to reform it.

Thanks to his professions - the architect and her rigger - the works were a success. After much thought, the distribution was changed looking for wider spaces, always giving priority to natural light. For this reason they were installed large windows and sliding glass doors on the ground floor which now has two rooms, one for winter and one cooler for summer. The latter was installed in the old garage; a perfect space because, thanks to its orientation, the air currents allow it to always be fresh. To achieve this, instead of partitions two folding and facing glass doors were installed, perfect for creating drafts if the temperature rises. From here you access a small front garden -a very nice place to sit in the shade of the trees- and another butt, with enough space for your children, Javier and Alejandro, to play without problems. In terms of decoration, design and simplicity prevail above all; White walls and upholstery in common areas and furniture in matt aluminum and light wood.

Good ideas, practices and decorative, also attract attention in many areas of the house; highlights the staircase that connects the two floors, made of pine wood, with the railing of fine bars and the steps without rear, all with the aim of lightening it and integrating it better into space. The gap under the stairs, although small, It fulfills two functions: on the one hand that of receiver, with a wall hanger, and on the other, as corner for music, with some shelves blown and a pair of vegetable fiber poufs. On the upper floor are the bedrooms that follow the same decorative patterns as the common areas: relaxing tones, light woods and scarce furniture. It highlights the main bathroom, completely covered in light marble and with a great work shower made of bush hammered marble. Precisely in this area a wall of pavements was installed that allows the passage of light from the outside.

Advertising - Keep reading below Summer lounge

In the old garage a seating area for the summer was installed. The folding enclosure with glass and aluminum doors allows playing with air currents and refreshing the environment. The furniture was chosen from resistant materials.

In being white predominates

Both upholstery and coverings. The profiles of the windows and the blinds were chosen in the same tone, in order to achieve a very fresh environment. Sofa, Furniture Factory. Coffee table, Casagrande. Armchair Butterfly, a classic design by Bonet, Kurchan and Ferrari.

In a corner of the living area

from the living room there was a fireplace made of wrought iron, which helps to heat the house on winter weekends. The coffee table, which combines aluminum structure and glass top, comes from Casagrande.

Instead of two sofas

placed at an angle, a white model with a chaise longue was chosen. The color note is in charge of the cushions and the pictures. Sofa, Furniture Factory.

The staircase, made of natural wood, puts a warm note in the living room, in which the white color predominates.

Its design, very light, with a railing of thin bars and steps without rear, prevents it from being visually heavy.


Under the stairs was a lost space that was used with wooden shelves. Now it is a small corner for music and, at the same time, a charming hall.

The kitchen is the only room in the house where bright colors predominate.

The furniture is laminated in a very colorful blue and the walls painted in yellow. Appliances of the firms Zanussi and Teka. The kitchenware comes from the Casagrande store.

The colors of the master bedroom

-lavender, white and green- form a relaxing and fresh combination at the same time, ideal to favor rest. White cotton bedspread; steel and glass bedside table, and cushions, all from Casagrande.

A marble countertop was installed in the bathroom

flown and of little bottom, in order to facilitate the passage. As storage space shelves were placed under the sink. The towels are textured.

The solution

To favor the entry of natural light, one of the walls of the bathroom was replaced by blocks of pavements.

Relaxing colors

Enter some color note with details in blue. It combines very well with neutral tones and wooden furniture. These are: neutral F6.10.70; ocher E8.30.70 and blue T0.20.70; from Bruguer Mix.