23 IKEA hacks that will solve your life

23 IKEA hacks that will solve your life

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It is clear that the obsession that circulates on the internet with hacks IKEA is unstoppable, and they are the easiest and cheapest way to put order in your home. With just a few DIY tricks, the disaster will disappear as if by magic!

Advertising - Read on below A towel rack

Designer Emily Henderson turned the IKEA RAST bedside table into a shelf for storing bathroom towels. And he only needed white paint, a pair of handles and some legs!

Watch the tutorial on Redbook.

What do you need:
- Handles: € 4 (approx.) For a pack of 10 on Amazon

An impromptu dressing room

You will be plaid with the idea of ​​this blogger He used the drawers of the IKEA RAST range and a couple of book shelves to create his own dressing room.

Watch the tutorial in Homemade by Carmona.

What do you need:
- Black paint: € 8 (approx.) On Amazon

Install removable drawers in the kitchen

Don't forget anything in the background! With this wonderful idea your drawers will be fully exposed when you need it, and so you will stop buying things you already had!

Watch the tutorial in IKEA Hackers.

What do you need:
- Removable shelves: € 30 (approx.) At Amazon

Make a mobile office

If you don't have room for an office, build a desk that you can take with you throughout the house. Is blogger He transformed a shelf with drawers into his small office with wheels!

Watch the tutorial in My Own Style.

What do you need:
- White paint: € 3 (approx.) On Amazon

Create a mid-century desk

It's very easy, you just need a couple of IKEA dressers and a white painted wooden board to join them.

What do you need:
- White paint: € 3 (approx.) On Amazon

Take the slats of the bed base to the wall

It seems crazy, we know, but IKEA's SULTAN box spring is as cheap as it is functional. If you take it to the wall you can create an improvised clothes rack perfect for hanging seedlings, magazines and everything you can think of.

Watch the tutorial in Ich Designer.

What do you need:
- Hooks: € 8 (approx.) For 10 on Amazon

A dressing table to store makeup

We present the best way to keep your entire arsenal of cosmetics at bay. The legs create the table effect, but in reality the drawers are attached to the wall. Wonderful!

Watch the tutorial in New Bloom.

What do you need:
- Mid-century legs: € 55 (approx.) For a pack of 4 on Etsy

A cart for the kitchen

Because we know that keeping those huge pans in the closet is like playing tetris, nothing better than a cart where everything is at hand!

Watch the tutorial in Olive and Rust.

What do you need:
- A towel rack: € 20 (approx.) On Etsy

Extra storage under the bed

If you do not have a closet in the bedroom (or it is very small), no problem! Place your bed on top of these IKEA drawers and you can store your clothes in peace.

Watch the tutorial in Oh Yes.

Create an island in the kitchen

The BILLY book shelf is perfect for creating a kitchen island where, in addition to cooking, you can store all your utensils.

Watch the tutorial in Golden Boys & Me.

What do you need:
- Wooden surface: € 155 (approx.) At Amazon

A very functional small cart

The IKEA RASKOG cart is perhaps one of its most functional products, and it is useful for everything: in the kitchen to store your pasta and vegetable boats or those utensils that you always need by hand, and in the bathroom to store the paper Hygienic and even makeup.

A shelf for the sink

If you do not have a dressing table, do not worry, with a shelf for IKEA photos on the sink you will have the space you need to place your beauty products.

What do you need:
- A shelf for photos: € 23 (approx.) On Amazon

Cabinets for special dishes

Sometimes in kitchens there is not enough space to store your favorite dishes, but a sideboard will get you out of trouble, and without spending much money! The one in the photo was made with IKEA cabinets and was very elegant.

Watch the tutorial in Made By Girl.

Individual coat racks in the hall

When your children arrive home the first thing they do is stack the coats on top of each other, and thus there is no one to find anything! Therefore, the ideal solution is to build these individual "lockers" so that everyone has their own personal space.

Watch the tutorial in Polka Dot Chair.

What do you need:
- White paint: € 3 (approx.) On Amazon

A floating closet

Closets are perfect for storing your stuff, but sometimes they may seem too bulky. Therefore, a floating closet will be much more aesthetic. This white IKEA is ideal to have the cushions and blankets in the room well picked up when you are not using them.

Watch the tutorial on Sugar & Cloth.

Shelves for children's books

The more books, the better, so your child will not hear the same story day after day. But to have everything neatly organized and at hand, use these IKEA shelves for photos.

Watch the tutorial in Daffodil Designs.

What do you need:
- Shelves for photos: € 23 (approx.) On Amazon

A card organizer

Messes are over with the mail. With these IKEA stands for magazines and a shelf, you will have the best organizer of your life.

Watch the tutorial in Instructables.

A closet under the sink

If your sink is pedestal, place a closet like this under it and paint it to give it a unique touch. Ready! You can now store your bathroom products.

Watch the tutorial in The Golden Sycamore.

What do you need:
- Green paint: € 14.50 (approx.) At Amazon

A storage bank with accessories

Take advantage of the space of your hall with these IKEA benches with drawers where you can store what you want, and put some hooks in the upper area to hang the coats.

Watch the tutorial in The Mombot.

What do you need:
- Hooks: € 15.50 (approx.) For a pack of 10 on Amazon

Shelves for photos as specters

If you have so many spices that you don't know where to put them, use several IKEA shelves for photos and leave your collection in sight.

Watch the tutorial on DuhBe.

What do you need:
- Shelves for photos: € 27.50 (approx.) For a pack of 2 on Amazon

Add storage to the headboard

If you have a small bedroom, forget about the bedside tables and use a headboard like the IKEA MENDAL, with shelves on each side.

Watch the tutorial in Apartment Therapy.

A storage bank for your bedroom

Double function: see the rain from the window and store the blankets and everything you can think of in their drawers. This has been built with several IKEA cabinets.

Watch the tutorial on Centsational Girl.

What do you need:
- White paint: 3 on Amazon

An elegant and functional closet

IKEA BILLY book shelves are ideal for building an elegant closet that covers the wall.

Watch the tutorial in Avery Street Design.

Via: House Beautiful US


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