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Hotel Mikasa Suites & Spa

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It is the good vibes transmitted by this hotel that are responsible for the almost magnetic attraction that it exerts on those who have already visited it. It will be its location in the charming town of Agua Amarga, or the cordial treatment that characterizes all the staff, the fact is that the Hotel Mikasa intoxicates us with its harmony and good character.

Very pleasant sensations, faithful reflection of the personality of their owners Lydia and Manuel who, in love with the place, decided to join two homes and create a true paradise isolated from noise, haste ... Here the detail prevails and
Good conversation by candlelight.

They are eighteen unique rooms, each with its own seal and baptized as those evocative places visited by their owners, with pieces brought from different places mixed with the wise hand of the one who knows what he does; Not surprisingly, Lydia is an interior designer by profession.

Show the hotel Cozy interiors, a cozy and well equipped garden with two swimming pools and a lovely porch solved in various environments. It is an accommodation designed to rest that is completed with five magnificent villas in the same town, created to enjoy a well deserved vacation with your family With the same services offered by the hotel.

He Hotel Mikasa has a spectacular spa In an independent building. It stands out especially for its large dynamic pool of saline waters with 10 different elements: waterfalls, jets, submerged beds ... that combine air and water with different hydrothermal therapeutic techniques. In addition, it offers a large jacuzzi, ice fountain, tunnel of sensations, Scottish shower and hamman flavored with eucalyptus To complete the circuit.

Area wellness It also has 5 rooms for massages and aesthetic treatments in which the couples room stands out, where two people can receive a treatment simultaneously.

Address: The Mikasa Suites & Spa hotel is located at Crta. Carboneras, nº 20. In the fishing village of Agua Amarga (Almería).
Phone: 950 138 073.
E-mail: [email protected]
GPS coordinates: N 36 ° 50´24.7812´´ W 2 ° 28´ 4.5768´´.
Prices: The hotel has 18 rooms; all of them different and divided into 7 categories. Prices are from € 100 per room per night with a fantastic breakfast included.

This hotel is part of the Ruralka Quality Club.

Advertising - Keep reading below Overlooking the sea

On the same beach and at the foot of the villas is the hotel's Beach bar. It is the ideal place to relax on one of its sun loungers and enjoy midday snacks, summer cuisine, mojitos, cocktails and much more.

Hotel entrance

A peculiar garden of native varieties flanks the access to the hotel. Cacti, crass and, beautiful bougainvillea welcome the guest, even, before opening the door which, by the way, is an excellent copy of the existing one in the Castle of the Vélez, in Murcia.

Hotel exterior

The five villas offered by the hotel form a small gated complex with a beautiful central pool and direct access to the beach.

Each villa has about 200 m2 with fantastic terraces, private rooftop solarium and the same hotel cleaning and maintenance services.

Maximum relaxation

One of the biggest treasures of the hotel is its beautiful back garden, leafy, relaxing and unimaginable from the street. It is organized based on different environments that follow each other in the shade of the leafy porch and in full sun next to its two swimming pools and its outdoor jacuzzi.

Main bedroom

Blue and white tones prevail in many rooms inspired by the proximity of the sea. The wooden furniture quiet the spaces and provide a necessary touch of warmth.

Details in the bedroom

The decoration and details of each environment were taken care of to the fullest and it shows. Thus, the hotel is rich in cozy and very personal spaces; special corners that make us feel almost
as if we were in our own house.

A different bathroom

In tune with the rooms, each bathroom is different. Some are equipped with large wall-to-wall showers, others with angular bathtubs with hydromassage or even spectacular circular models.


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