Can you save while you sleep?

Can you save while you sleep?

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If every month you save a few euros, at the end of the year you could some whim, such as spending a whole day in the spa ... Sounds good, huh? Well to get it, all you have to do is get into bed and sleep soundly. Yes, you read correctly, and we are going to teach you a few tricks to save ... while you sleep!

Advertising - Read on below Listen to your body

When winter comes, do you feel like a penguin in Siberia? Or maybe you're more like ... a sheep with 350 kilos of wool on top? Cold or hot, Knowing how our body works at bedtime is essential to save. Yes, to save, and this way you can invest in a mattress with adjustable temperature, or in some thermal sheets! Either way, you will stop needing so much heating or air conditioning in summer.

Turn off all devices well

And when we say well we mean that do not turn off the television with the remote control, because otherwise you will be a victim ... of silent consumption! In fact, Ideally, turn off all electronic devices you can: router, computer, mobile ... In addition to saving, you will sleep free of electromagnetic pollution.

Put the washing machine

The time to go to sleep is perfect to put the washing machine... because it costs less! So, unless you have a louder machine than Calanda's drums, you know.

Clean the oven

Well, you don't exactly ... Activate the furnace pyrolysis function, and the next day you will have it as new!

Leave the dishwasher open

Thus, instead of activating the drying function and spending a lot of energy, the dishes will be perfectly when you wake up.

If you are cold ... have carpets!

If the sun does not heat your house during the day, it is normal for you to have a worse time during the night… So don't forget to buy warm rugs! You may not notice much the difference, but at least they will help you a little.

Attention to the windows

Another trick to save on heating is Invest in good window insulation, without forgetting the curtains! The more protection, the less cold will enter the house ...

Charge the electronic devices you need

If you need to recharge the battery of any electronic device ... this is the time! Just do it away from the bedroom, that's why electromagnetic waves ...