Rustic French kitchens, a delight for the fall!

Rustic French kitchens, a delight for the fall!

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Romantic, stylish, natural, cozy, timeless ... These are just some qualities of French rustic kitchens. Do you dare to take a look?

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The rustic French style acquires modern dyes in this kitchen that is distinguished by the original wall mosaic panel. In addition, the black forge lamps and the island reinforce their elegance.

Instagram: Normandy Remodeling

With dining room included

This kitchen is so large that it includes even the dining room! The exposed beams and the brick floor are complemented by wicker baskets to create a rustic and chic atmosphere.

Pinterest: Juan Herráez


The island with marble countertop is at the same time a breakfast bar, and the ceiling chandelier completes a decoration as classic as elegant, softened by the pastel blue cabinets.

Pinterest: Aida Ghaffar

With space for art

The dining room of this kitchen has an elongated table of aged wood that has managed to capture the rustic essence. In addition, the pictures on the wall provide sophistication, and the plants give the necessary dose of naturalness.

Pinterest: Rosa Romanillos

In pastel colors

The panel tiles combined with the white protagonist, the wood and the golden details, make this kitchen a bright and very charming space. In addition, exposed beams and extractor hood enhance the rustic style.

Pinterest: Natalia Gómez

The perfect island

The island of this kitchen is actually an aged wooden table painted pastel blue, all matching the stool and cabinets. Wonderful!

Pinterest: María Bermejo

Black with glamor

Black cabinets, a marble countertop, brick walls, plants ... All the elements to get a kitchen of the most rustic and glamorous!

Pinterest: Silvia Íñiguez de Onzoño

And there was light

The light of the windows makes the kitchen more natural and cozy, in an environment that is already sweet, bright, and with plenty of space!

Pinterest: Laura Peiro

A French reform

What do you think about the reform of this kitchen? The wooden island with breakfast bar is beautiful! Although the black forge lamps are not far behind ...

Instagram: Dina Holleron

This island is a jewel

We have seen islands of all kinds, but this one is aesthetic vintage It is by far the most elegant, and of course, the jewel of this kitchen with furniture and walls that play between white and pastel blue.

Pinterest: Agatha M.P.