The definitive guide to assemble your particular corner of relaxation

The definitive guide to assemble your particular corner of relaxation

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Do not miss our keys and advice to create a rest area in the lounge where you can relax and forget everything.


In addition to a comfortable armchair, so that your corner of rest or disconnection is a really comfortable environment, try to equip it with these three basic elements: a pouf for the feet when you lie down; a side table will be very practical for you to put books or a coffee and a specific lamp, like a standing model located next to the seat. Nor will it hurt to have a basket in which to organize the books you are reading or keep a soft blanket.

Armchair and pouf, by La Redoute. The cushions are from Kenay Home.

A PAIR OF CUSHIONS: To take care of your back, place them in the lower back. You will find it very comfortable.

ScandinavianChoose simple and functional furniture with very soft curved lines. Remember that wood is a key element in Nordic decoration, as are white, black and gray tones. In any case, talk about achieving a diaphanous and spacious environment, without unnecessary artifice.


Think that to have a corner where you can read comfortably you do not need much space. With something more than 2 m2 It will be enough. Of course, try to allocate a quiet place, away from the TV, and near a natural light entrance. To enhance that serene atmosphere, play with a color palette in delicate tones. By the way, remember that plants not only purify the air, they also relax and favor concentration. So, place some.

Oriental wardrobe and mirror, by Gloss & Raffles.

Perfect fusion. If you are looking for a decoration with character and personality, mix furniture of different styles and resort to a range of neutral and soft tones, to visually balance the whole. Ideally, there should be at least one special piece either because of its design, its origin or uniqueness.


If there is something that can not be missing in the case of a reading corner is a space for books and magazines: from baskets, shelves or a small table, where you have what you are reading, to a work library with a large storage capacity. If yours is a true passion for books, a custom design that takes full advantage of an entire wall will be your star piece. Of course, for many shelves you have, try not to fill it until it overflows so that the set looks light.

Armchair of Lizzo in Pepe Peñalver.

LIBRARY WITH GRACE: Sandwich large and small books with photographs, sculptures
and details.

A design for you. Start by assessing what your needs are and what you are going to put. Do you have few or many books? Keep in mind that designs with symmetrical gaps manage to convey more order. If you decide to do it in Pladur, a good idea is to paint it in the same color of the walls, so that it is integrated. The lacquered wood models in neutral tones are visually light and contribute to enhance the decoration.


To create a serene atmosphere, opt for a decoration without chromatic stridencies or ornamental saturation, where simplicity stands out. Surround yourself with elements that you
make you feel good, like a soft blanket that, in addition to texture and color, invites you to curl up; fluffy quadrants and a pouf, footrest or floor cushion, to raise your feet and make you more comfortable; and beautiful candles that fill the atmosphere with warmth.

La Redoute furniture.

COLOR TRIO: White, wood and blue is an ideal combination for a relaxing climate.

Makeshift. Who said outdoor furniture is only for summer? Maybe you have such a special seat that you feel sorry for not using it during the winter. The classic wooden louver deck chair, next to a window with lots of light, will be ideal inside the house. Complete the environment with a side table.

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