An apartment (that falls in love) in the old town of Barcelona

An apartment (that falls in love) in the old town of Barcelona

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Nice Home Barcelona

He historical center of Barcelona It gives off an incomparable magic, and walking through its streets is like taking a trip to the past. The same thing happens in this holiday apartment located between Vía Layetana and the Angel Gate, starring stone walls Y wooden beams, and dressed with natural materials in a mix of styles delicious

Advertising - Keep reading below The building is over 100 years old Nice Home Barcelona The original wooden beams and stone walls were respected in some areas Nice Home Barcelona The apartment is divided into 65 m2 Nice Home Barcelona

It consists of receiver; open living room, kitchen and dining room; two double bedrooms, one suite type with full bathroom in the room; another full bathroom next to the living room; and a backyard.

The decoration is a Nordic style mix with rustic and Mediterranean touches Nice Home Barcelona The keys to the project Nice Home Barcelona

The main objective of the design was create very attractive spaces that will enhance the value of housing for its high profitability in the rent, without an excessive expense.

Cozy spaces Nice Home Barcelona

Lighting is another key point, using ambient and warm light for the different rooms; ceiling light and low beams to create atmosphere; and led spotlights in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Neutral range Nice Home Barcelona

The palette of tones chosen has a very neutral base that includes broken whites, beige, stones and touches of very soft color, such as green and water blue.

Natural textures Nice Home Barcelona

The fabrics and upholstery chosen are from natural textures such as linen or cotton, mixed with natural fibers like rattan, wicker or raffia.

Plants are another attraction of decoration Nice Home Barcelona The kitchen is flirtatious and functional, with everything you need for a perfect stay Nice Home Barcelona The dining room chairs enhance the natural and relaxed environment Nice Home Barcelona Details that make the difference Nice Home Barcelona

The touches of color are given by the accessories, using soft and relaxing tones that call for relaxation.

The bedrooms are spacious and bright Nice Home Barcelona Every corner has been designed and designed to make the lives of its guests easier Nice Home Barcelona Chic Essence Nice Home Barcelona

Other items chic of decoration seek provide it with style without giving up the original elements of housing.

The bathrooms continue with the aesthetic line that we find in the rest of the apartment Nice Home Barcelona The furniture under the sink has plenty of storage space for several tenants Nice Home Barcelona

Information: Courtesy of Nice Home Barcelona


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