Bags and slippers customized with your pet's face: or?

Bags and slippers customized with your pet's face: or?

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Cuddle Clones

Yes, we know, it's a real frikada, but we cannot deny that love (sometimes) makes us commit very curious acts. And how There is no relationship more pure and beautiful than the one we share with our furry, why not give in to the madness of making us slippers or a bag to remind them every moment?

That is the new proposal of the company Cuddle Clones. So you only need to upload several photos of your pet to your website, let them know their peculiarities (Like that little spot that can't be seen in the picture), and voila! In a few weeks you will receive warm shoes at home, or a 30x12 cm bag (approx.) With the face of your best animal friend.

Cuddle Clones Cuddle Clones

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