Vegetable soup with chicken

Vegetable soup with chicken

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Taking a warm broth or soup, in addition to toning your body, helps expectorate more easily and expel secretions.

If you add chicken or chicken to the soup, you will enrich it with vitamin A, C and E and proteins, and you will increase the resistance of the immune system and regain strength.

Preparing a delicious vegetable soup with chicken is very easy.

You need:
- green beans
- nabio
- pumpkin
- zabahoria
- leek
- Salt
- olive oil


Clean and split 8-10 green beans. Cut a turnip, a piece of pumpkin, a carrot and a leek.

Saute vegetables in a pot with olive oil and salt. When they start to be tender, add 2 chicken thighs and 2 liters of hot water. Remove the foam that comes out when it starts to boil.

Cover and cook simmer between 35 and 40 minutes. Ready to serve!

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