An apartment with sea views

An apartment with sea views

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José Luis Haussmann Advertising - Read on below 1 Overlooking the sea José Luis Haussmann

This can be seen from the sofa, which is very comfortable thanks to the cushions: red, by La Maison, and with letters, by Lu-Ink. The sisal carpet, mod. Egeby, and the curtains, mod. Matilda, are from Ikea.The ceiling lamp, mod. Helg, from Ikea, illuminates the dining area.

2 A super versatile lounge José Luis Haussmann

It was equipped with a sofa bed with chaise-longue, mod. Friheten, side tables, Ikea PS 2012, which serve as a coffee table, and several sisal poufs, mod. Alseda, all of Ikea. On them, cushions with stripes, by Matèria. The striped paper, by Aribau, decorates and gives a feeling of spaciousness.

3 Terrace by the sea in Sitges José Luis Haussmann

On the terrace, Roxö table and chairs, and Malinda cushions. Everything from Ikea.

4 Vision with perspective José Luis Haussmann

The living room and kitchen come together in an open space. The dining room, in the middle of both, works as a separator. In the living room, on the right, a small table, from Ikea, with a lamp, from Faro Barcelona, ​​and on the left, a white sideboard, from Ikea. Light flows through the hallway from the bedroom. Lack shelves, by Ikea, are used to store without subtracting room.

5 Bright kitchen José Luis Haussmann

In the kitchen, oven, by Küppersbusch; built-in hood, from Elica, and striped carpet, from Cado, which protects the floor of the cooking zone.

6 Very simple dining room José Luis Haussmann

It is integrated by a practical extendable table, mod. Bjursta, and Sigurd chairs, all from Ikea, like crockery. Tablecloth, from La Maison, and red singles, from Habitat. The sailor's touch is put by the lifeguards of El Mercader del Mar.

7 Cheerful Nordic José Luis Haussmann

It is the style that predominates in the main room. Bed, from Ikea, with linen, from Texture, and striped cushions, from India & Pacific. White bedspread, from Filocolore. Hemnes bedside table and Helg lamp, both from Ikea.

Ideas that work - White, star color. Use it in basic furniture, walls, curtains ... It will help you gain light and spaciousness.- Funny prints. To animate the atmosphere a little, choose textiles that have color: stripes, flowers ... You decide! - Simple pieces. Avoid designs that are excessively ornate and opt for furniture without handles in the kitchen.- Ceramic flooring with imitation wood. It is ideal for beach areas because of its resistance.

8 A sofa or a bed? José Luis Haussmann

The Hemnes, Ikea, with quilt, Texture model works like both. Above, cushions by Lu-Ink, and the one with red stripes, by La Maison. Koppang chest of drawers and Stockholm lamp by Ikea; red carpet, from Cado, and seagulls and lighthouse, from El Mercader del Mar. The bed drawers offer an extra storage place.

9 Saving space in the bathroom José Luis Haussmann

It was achieved with a Silestone worktop blown up, on which Roca's washbasin is embedded. A small birch cart, model Molger, from Ikea was placed underneath. In the shower a screen with a sliding sheet was placed.

10 A very practical structure José Luis Haussmann

On the left from the entrance door are the kitchen, dining room and living room, with direct access to the terrace. On the right, there is a hallway that leads to the bathroom and the two bedrooms.

How much?

- Wallpaper a wall of 6 m2 (wallpaper plus labor, all in Painted Paper Aribau): Price approx. € 1,000

- Sofa bed, mod. Friheten, width 230 cm + 68x151 cm depth of the chaise-longue, with Skiftebo fabric, from Ikea: Price € 399.

- Bed with 4 functions: sofa, single or double bed and storage module. Hemnes model, from Ikea: Price approx. € 299.


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