A duplex with terrace in Barcelona

A duplex with terrace in Barcelona

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Today we travel to the coastal town of San Andrés de Llavaneras, in the province of Barcelona, ​​where our readers Yolanda and Christian open their doors to us: A duplex with a terrace Very appetizing and a decoration in natural key.

In this house, where they live with their daughter, they have created their family nest with a look very serene and a practical distribution in which the protagonists are brown, white, wood and natural fiber textiles. One of the details that we liked most about his house (and that has surprised us the most when he toured it) has been the round skylight that we can find in the kitchen. An element that stands out within the careful simplicity of this duplex.

Advertising - Keep reading below Very natural

Both the lines and the colors are simple and the materials highlight the natural ones, such as wood.


Next to the living room they have a terrace in which they have located a small dining room.

Upper terrace

On the second floor they have another terrace. In the image we can see the skylight from above.

Outside life Kitchen

What most attracts attention is the round skylight, which subtly bathes the room with clarity.

Family nest

Yolanda and Christian receive us in their duplex.


In earth and white tones. In the background we can see the upper terrace.

Kid stuff

Your daughter's bedroom.


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