Hotel Barceló Pueblo Ibiza, the ideal getaway for families

Hotel Barceló Pueblo Ibiza, the ideal getaway for families

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Barceló Pueblo Ibiza is the ideal accommodation for couples and families looking to enjoy tranquility and relaxation on Pitiusa Island. 350 meters from the beach of Port d'es Torrent and 10 minutes by car from Cala Conta, Cala Tarida and Cala Bassa, this hotel was opened in 1968 but has just undergone an ambitious reform that, in two phases and with a investment of 15 million euros, has adapted it to the tastes of the families of the 21st century.

You can stay in any of its 346 rooms of four categories: superior, superior with terrace, superior family and family. Its gastronomic offer revolves around its restaurant buffet with terrace where you can taste buffets varied and themed dinners and at lobby bar in which to enjoy a wide variety of drinks. Children from 3 to 12 will have a great time at the Barcy Club equipped with games and activities by the entertainment team. The teenagers have the Teens Club where they have computers, consoles and televisions to enjoy new friends. With three pools and multi-sport court, adults and children will not want to leave the hotel.

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Advertising - Keep reading under The pools

The hotel has three swimming pools that will delight young and old.

A great remodeling to adapt it to the present

The Barceló Pueblo Ibiza dates from 1968 but, in 2015, it has undergone a profound reform in two phases in which 15 million euros have been invested.

A corner for relaxation

Inside the establishment you can find comfortable sofas to relax with views of colorful works of art.

Several buildings with all the comforts

The hotel complex is made up of eight three-story buildings and one of four floors.

Greater amplitude in the complex

The reform of the establishment, in which the noble materials predominate, made the buildings gain meters and comfort.

A sun bath by the pool

The bathing areas have sun beds and umbrellas to relax and sunbathe.

Spacious rooms

The superior rooms can be double, with 20 square meters, or triple rooms that have 22 square meters.

The bathrooms

The bathrooms in the superior rooms have a shower with a rain head, amenities and dryer

Superior category

The Barceló Pueblo Ibiza has 96 superior and 30 superior rooms with terrace.

An accommodation for families

If you travel with children, choose one of the family rooms that can accommodate up to five people, if they are three adults and two children.

And for eat…

The gastronomic offer focuses on its restaurant buffet with terrace where you can taste its best culinary specialties and themed dinners.

Animation for the little ones

Children from 3 to 12 years old can have fun in the Barcy club thanks to activities and games of the animation team.

Outdoor games

The little ones can also have fun on slides and swings or with sports games on the beach.

Always connected

At Barceló Pueblo Ibiza you can live a 2.0 vacation. It has free high-speed Wi-Fi connection and a digital information point located at the reception.


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