A full color floor

A full color floor

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When the architect Amaya Pérez Gandarias was commissioned to transform this Madrid housing He knew immediately that he needed to update it. It was a very deteriorated and old apartment, as well as excessively compartmentalized: small rooms that lacked natural light. The owners wanted a comfortable home, with wide and open spaces, in which light would flow without encountering obstacles. With this premise, Amaya threw partitions and reorganized the 100 m2 in a more diaphanous. The hall passed
from being a small and poorly distributed room to become a large space organized in various environments. In addition to a cozy seating area, consisting of two facing sofas -One of them, with chaise longue-, a reading or relaxation corner was created next to the viewpoint and another for work. The living space that was closest to the kitchen was reserved to locate the dining room.

The solutions to get brighter rooms were another key point of the reform. Between the kitchen and the dining room, a glazed structure which allows the passage of light from the living room. In addition, the bathroom was integrated into the master bedroom to enjoy a bright and very comfortable space, with an extra originality. To maintain privacy and intimacy, the vain was accompanied by a half-height wall and a half-body partition that serve as a storage area and washbasin cabinet. In addition to eliminating partitions and redistributing spaces, Amaya Pérez Gandarias's studio was successful with the new finishes: wood in the ground of the whole house and White paint on the walls, which alternated with fronts of painted paper in both bedrooms. A background with which it was possible to enhance both pieces of furniture of different styles such as fabrics and upholsteries of intense colors.

Keys to create a passport:
- It is an idea that deserves a small work, because in addition to achieving spectacular results, it allows the passage of light and facilitates communication between kitchen and dining room.
- It offers several decorative possibilities: leave the opening open, close it with glass or blinds, and install a sliding, folding or guillotine window.
- The most practical opening systems are sliding and guillotine, since they do not detract from the surface in case you want to place a worktop under the tray.

Advertising - Keep reading under Sofa with chaise longue

With the mixture of cushions of different prints (plain and geometric patterns) and in various sizes, it was possible to transform a sofa with chaise longue Basic, in a colorful and cozy corner. Sofa, by El Patio de Marta. The plain cushions are from the firm Maison de Vacances and the prints, from Tailak, where the carpet also comes from. On the wall, photography by Constantin Brancusi, in El Ocho. Hanging lamp, from Naluz. Wooden house, by Guille García-Hoz.

Upholstered sofa in green and strawberry

A classic sofa with modern upholstery marks the step of being towards the corners of reading and work. To streamline the decoration, instead of a single coffee table, it was decided to place a composition of auxiliary models of different height. Sofa upholstered in green and strawberry by La Tapicera. Cushions, by Maison de Vacances. All tables are from Zara Home, except the one with three legs, from El Ocho.

Floor lamp

In the living room, an attractive atmosphere was recreated
and full of life thanks to the fusion of the white background with upholstery and accessories in bright colors. Gray, green and strawberry tones were combined with classic furniture and modern pieces to achieve a unique and very personal decoration. Floor lamp
Zigzag Jielde, from Naluz.

Decorative butterfly

Decorating with animal figures is a trend in decoration. Sign up for this fashion with small and delicate ornaments, perfect for the coffee table. Mariposa, for sale at Zara Home.

Floor lamp with printed screen

A comfortable bench for reading and relaxing moments was installed in the lounge's gazebo. The atmosphere was completed with a nightstand and a white patinated iron chair. Floor lamp with printed lampshade, by La Tapicera. Cushions and carpet, from Tailak.

Desk and chair

A corner of the room was reserved to locate a study table and a chair. The desk consists of two wooden stairs, which the owner of the house rescued from the street and painted in white, and a custom board. Lamp and chair Tolix, from Naluz.

Ceiling light

The dining room was located next to the living room, next to the passage area to the bedrooms. Stresses the enclosure, made to measure, which makes this kitchen space independent and replaces the traditional partition. Ceiling lamp, by Naluz. Chair with wooden slats backrest, from Olofane. Tablecloth, by Le Jacquard Français. The complements are from El Ocho and Point à la Ligne.

Together but apart

Take advantage of the architectural features of your home, such as columns and master pillars, to visually delimit environments that share the same space. A resource to gain light and breadth.

Painted wood furniture

The kitchen communicates with the dining room through a large sash window. To be integrated into the decoration, wooden profiles were chosen in the same color and finish as the rest of the carpentry and transparent glass.
Wooden furniture painted in white, made to measure by the study of Amaya Pérez Gandarias. Carpet by Tailak. Table lamp by Olofane. Accessories, by Maison de Vancances y Gien.

Washbasin cabinet with mirror

To mark the boundaries between the two rooms, Amaya Pérez's studio devised a half-height wall and a wooden partition, which on the face of the bathroom make closet and washbasin cabinet with mirror included. Wallpaper, by Usera Usera. Quilt, Texture. Orange blanket, from Zara Home. Cushion with frills, from Maison de Vacances.

Painted paper

In the children's bedroom, the coordinated prints in pink and white give the feminine touch to the room. A work area was created next to the window, with a blue chair that breaks
the chromatic balance Wallpaper, by Usera Usera. Bedding, from Zara Home. Sheer curtains and desk, from Ikea. Chair Tolix, from Naluz. Carpet by Tailak.

Gnome shaped candle

Sign up for DIY fashion. If you have an old bedside table and want to recover it, with some new knobs and plastic paint it will look like another. Naluz lamp. Gnome-shaped candle, from Point à la Ligne.

Medium height walls

Integrating the bathroom into the bedroom is a practical, stylish solution. Half-height walls, level changes or furniture will make the union of both environments functionally and visually more attractive.

Shoes with dots

Are you looking for accessories that go out of the ordinary? There are such beautiful and stylish shoes that will work perfectly as decorative elements. Shoes with dots, from Kokoro Soft Shoes.

Bathtub with legs

In the bathroom, a retro decoration was recreated through several elements: marble, bathtub with legs, canopy, taps inspired by designs from the past and sconces.
Wall lights, by Olofane.


Take care of the details also in the bathroom. Floral arrangements, toned towels and delicate glass jars with salts, creams or oils will suffice to put a touch of style in this room. Towels, from Point à la Ligne.

Housing plan

Housing plan


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